Looking for a dog apoited or rescue

Looking for a dog apoited or rescue

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QUOTE 5/16/2012 12:02:01 AM
I had to put down my dashound this last winter, an then my cat of of all most 17, years, pased away, I was rasied on a farm, an I love aniamls, my aniamls are my ture friends an talk to them just like people, I would like to fin e a dog good with kids an people it doses not matter, large or small, I like all breds I live in a small town in Az! Any help would be nice Thank-you! YLJ

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 First, let me say I am sorry for your loss. Animals can wrap their little paws around your heart.

 I run a small dog rescue in Missouri. We have several real nice dogs available for adoption. They are temperament tested, and exposed to  kids, other pets and  livestock. They are up to date on their shots, wormed , spayed or neutered and come with an adoption package. We mainly have little dogs like dachshunds, chiohuahuas, poodles and more.  Their adoption fees run from $100-$250. Shipping to Arizona would be about $250 by air. That includes a travel crate, health exam and certificate as well as the flight. You can go under rescued dogs on nextdaypets.com to see the rescues that might work for you. Thanks!
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