is it safe to buy a puppy on here???

is it safe to buy a puppy on here???

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QUOTE 4/14/2012 11:12:08 PM
IM just wondering if it is safe to buy on here? I dont want to get scamed !!

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QUOTE 4/15/2012 6:42:00 AM
 When buying a dog on line there are several things you can do to reduce the possibility of being scammed. First off, understand that there is no way for Next Day Pets or any other website to screen their clients and say, this one is good and this one is a rip off. But there are ways to protect yourself.

 Best case scenario is you go to the breeder and meet the pups and the parents.  Most breeders spend alot of time, money and sweat to produce quality pups. They are willing to brag about their babies.  A good breeder will offer assistance after you buy the pup as well.  They have been in the dog business and may know something your vet does not.

 If you cannot go to meet the dog in person, next best thing is to ask for a picture with your name in it with the puppy. Scammers copy pictures off the internet and then offer that animal for sale. If you ask for your name in the picture, you at least know they have a dog similar to the one in the ad. Ask for references. Most can refer you to a satisfied puppy buyer, a vet or other person who knows them and their dogs.No, you are not being neurotic and in this day and age you must protect yourself.

 When you start looking BEWARE or the "Missionary in Africa" scam and it's off shoots. I am sure ther are good breeders in Africa. However, that is a major scam as well. Any time you deal with an out of the us/canada person,be very careful. The Missionary scam goes like this. " I am a missionary in Africa. I have a teacup yorkie (or bulldog puppy) and need to find her a new home. I would like a family in the US because we are always at war ( or whatever excuse, cancer etc) and all I ask is you pay the shipping." So you think you are getting a deal and send off $500. GONE!

 When you pay DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER. A thief can now charge our card and you are stuck! Better to use paypal or another money transfer company so at least you will be getting a dog. You are not protected when you pay with Western Union either so do something different. (Postal money orders are a different scam that breeders know only too well so don't be surprised if they won't accept them either. )

  When you buy your puppy, get a contract of some sort as well. Many breeders offer a guarentee. ASK QUESTIONS so you don't get into trouble there.For example, you buy your dog and have it flown to New York. You let the dog out of the carrier to go potty at the airport. Your contract specifically states," The dog will not be allowed to cme in contact with areas other dogs have been until it is 3 months old or has had it's complete set of shots." The breeder is not trying to trick you. Dogs carry diseases just like kids do. You would not take your newborn baby into a hospital and set it in the pneumonia ward, right? Same with a dog. Until it has had all ist's shots the immune system is not complete so the breeder is trying to HELP you not to scam you.

 All that said, many people find their perfect new fur baby at NDP. I hope you will be one of them

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QUOTE 4/15/2012 8:07:37 PM
  Just to add a thing or two:         Here are some things I would ask of  a seller if I were buying a puppy from them and not able to pick up in person:  Take new puppy pics with their names & my names or other info in them, and have them be in the picture also. It can be used as evidence later IF needed. And hopefully the camera has a date stamp.  ask for old pictures from when the puppy was a baby, if they owned the pup from birth they should have these. Call their vet, even talking to the office girls is "ok", they know alot about their clients and their dogs/puppies. Ask for references or feedback from previous clients, look for those who have had to ship their pups, possibly call one or two. See how far back their feedback goes. If it has been on for a couple of years, then there is more confidence in the fact that they seller has not had their page shut down FOR scamming anyone.  Puppyfind lets buyers leave feedback that other potential buyers can read. Next Day Pets does not unfortunately (even feedback could be faked so be aware of that).   Ask about shipping procedures, ask about shots and wormings schedules. Breeders will know these things.  

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QUOTE 4/17/2012 8:20:58 PM
By all means call the vet. Any breeder that does not have a vet on speed dial has probably not had any puppies for awhile....

I have put my vets kids through college, and now am working on the grand kids, I have paid for his last 3 vehicles and another 7 payments and I will have paid for his house.

So YES, by all means ask to speak with their vet. Most breeders will have several computers full of references that they are more than happy to ask to contact prospective buyers.

I work very hard to raise the best quality I can and I work to keep good references.

The suggestion about a picture is very good.

And remember, if it sounds too good to be true  IT  PROBABLY  IS !!!

Judy chihuahuamagic

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QUOTE 5/17/2012 5:22:15 PM
Make sure you get a physical contract signed by both parties. Don't use Paypal. Speak with the breeder either in person or over the phone, if at any time it seems suspicious don't go through with it.

If the breed you are interested in has issues with hips or joints make sure that the parents have been tested and that they can provide the results.


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QUOTE 5/17/2012 5:31:32 PM
 In my opinion, paypal is one of the few safe ways to pay for your dog. Western Union and Walmart money transfer offer no guarentee you will ever get the dog. Paying with a cashiers check or bank check is no good either as there are fakes of both. Same with postal money orders. And checks are no good either. No, paypal does not guarentee the dog. That is between you and the breeder. But if they never send the dog they will at leasat refund your money.

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QUOTE 5/21/2012 4:15:17 PM
They won't necessarily refund your money, regarding intangible items (animals) they only handle the delivery of money. It's up to the "breeder" to decide if they will honor their side of the bargain.


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QUOTE 5/22/2012 2:59:47 PM
Huh.  As a Breeder, I don't like using Paypal because 1) fees  2)transactions can be cancelled after the person has their puppy.  

I had to contact the police when someone out of State cancelled their transaction after they took our puppy.  They didn't even need to do it through paypal.  They cancelled it with what ever credit card they used to pay Paypal.... and I was told there was nothing that paypal could do to help.

So........... just saying, there are bad buyers just like there are bad sellers.

At least people can research a breeder.  Breeders don't have the same luxury on knowing if the person trying to buy their puppy is a scam artist.

It's safe to purchase a dog on here as long as you aren't a careless buyer.  If a deal looks too good to be true.... it probably is.


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QUOTE 5/25/2012 9:36:31 AM
You don't have to pay a fee if you use Paypal, you just go under "personal" and then check "money owed" and your done.  I've done it several times and it works great.  The breeder get's their money, I feel safer using it rather then a moneygram or western union and we're both happy.
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