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Night & Day

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My Yorkie puppy seems to have his nights and days mixed up. When I put him in the kennel for the night he whines and barks all night. Then sleeps during the day. How can I get him to change? Also is there an effective and harmless way to get him to be quiet in the kennel when no one is around?

Also, we are pad training the dog and he seems to be catching on to the pee part quite nicely for only having been here for a week. But he still does not seem to grasp the poop part. Wants to go any place but the pad. Any suggestions or help would be aprreciated.

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When I was teaching pups that I would try to use potty pads with, when I saw that they were doing the sniffing in corners, circling, etc (doing the potty dance i say),  or even if I just think it has been long enough since they went and they should try to go, I would take them to the potty pads and stand right on top of them and repeat "go potty",  or if you see her start  to squat, scoop her up and run to the pads. many times they would try to climb over my feet and move off the mat, but I would just keep them there with my feet, nudge them back on, tap on the pad saying "go potty here" until they just cant hold it and they do go on the pad. when we achieve success, I highly praise and pet and they do get the idea after a few days. 
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