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Buying advice...

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QUOTE 2/14/2012 8:19:26 PM
I'm new to puppy shopping online. Normally, I would definitely prefer to buy from a local breeder, but the breed I'm looking in to (Bernese Mountain Dog) isn't available in my area. I ended up on this website, but have read all sorts of horror stories about scams, sick puppies, rip offs, etc. I know that for every bad experience, there is a good one, but..

I found a listing on this website for Berner pups that cost $750. Most other listings are for $950-1200, and even as high as $1700. This is a huge discrepancy. The listing I'm looking at has a phone number and  the option to email, but no link to a personal website or anything. I have considered that since the owner says the puppies don't have a champion bloodline, this could account for the huge dip in price, but I'm not so convinced yet. 

Right now, I'm waiting on an email reply from the breeder. I wanted to establish contact that way first. If they do reply, I plan on asking them for more pictures, including photos with my name written on a piece of paper next to the pup. 

What do you guys (experienced buyers, breeders, etc) think about all this? Do you think it seems a little too good to be true? I'll feel more comfortable when I can get the information I want, but I'm wondering what gut reactions you guys would have? 

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QUOTE 2/15/2012 5:23:51 AM
 There are tons of scammers out there. First, since Berners have certain health issues,look foir dogs that are ofa certified ( hips) and have had their eyes certified as well. Next, ask for references from a veterinarian, previous puppy buyer and one other. Then, ask for registration numbers on the parents. Call the appropriate registry and verify the numbers. If you have a paypal account great. If not set one up. If there  is no dog or none is shipped, paypal can protect you. However, they do NOT guarentee the quality of the dog.Even by doing all this, you still might get scammed. Ideally you could fly to the person and see the dogs then bring the pupy back with you on the plane. 

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QUOTE 2/15/2012 10:32:37 PM
            Here are some things I would ask of  a seller if I were buying a puppy from them and not able to pick up in person:  Take new puppy pics with their names & my names or other info in them, and have them BE IN the picture also. It can be used as evidence later IF needed. And hopefully the camera has a date stamp.  ask for old pictures from when the puppy was a baby, if they owned the pup from birth they should have these. Call their vet, even talking to the office girls is "ok", they know alot about their clients and their dogs/puppies. Ask for references or feedback from previous clients, look for those who have had to ship their pups, possibly call one or two. See how far back their feedback goes. If it has been on for a couple of years, then there is more confidence in the fact that they seller has not had their page shut down FOR scamming anyone.  Puppyfind lets buyers leave feedback that other potential buyers can read. Next Day Pets does not unfortunately (even feedback could be faked so be aware of that).   Ask about shipping procedures, ask about shots and wormings schedules. Breeders will know these things.  Google someones name altho sometimes you find info and sometimes you do not.....I googled myself and find nothing, so not sure how much input this would give you).  Costs should be reasonable. If a pup is dirt cheap or if they quote low on shipping they are either eating the cost or they are just hoping that since it is CHEAP you will fall for it. A couple hundred is better than nothing in their eyes. I would not buy out of the country unless I wanted a certain kennel or specific dog specific breed and the breeder were well known and reputable.  AND If you are dealing with someone in the US, they will know how our language works. Many times it is foreigns that compose the email text and they TRY really hard to seems fluid in English, but it just is not put together right. 
   I could go on but guess I am done. 
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