What do you dislike most about picking up your dog's waste?

What do you dislike most about picking up your dog's waste?

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QUOTE 10/4/2011 10:32:21 PM
Hi Everyone,

I am a graduate student pursing my masters in design, and working on an interesting project. I am in the process of designing a popper scooper that would replace the commonly used plastic bag. My solution is a portable, disposable and discrete popper scooper that would eliminate the disgusting feeling of having to pick up dog waste with a plastic bag. As a dog owner myself, I hate the warm, soft feeling of picking up after my dog with a thin plastic bag. As fellow dog owners, I wanted to know what you most dislike about using the bag to pick up waste? Is it the temperature? The fear or ripping? The awkwardness of having to carry a full bag with you until you find a trash can?

I truly appreciate your feedback, as it's very helpful to get an alternative popper scooper into the marketplace.

So, what do you hate about using a plastic bag to pick up your dogs waste?

Thank you!

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QUOTE 10/5/2011 1:35:11 PM
First off, I look at the stool to see if it is "normal" for my dogs. A stool will tell alot about the health of the animal. I would like to see something that would somehow suck up the pile and put it in a bag as well as store the bag so I could get it done without ever having to get it near my hands. Good luck on your idea.  
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