Pembroke Corgi Male for breeding

Pembroke Corgi Male for breeding

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QUOTE 7/5/2011 1:22:33 PM
Does anyone in the Tupelo, MS area have a female Corgi available for breeding with my one year old male? Stoney is AKC registered and up to date on all health issues. He's very eager to meet a gorgeous female.

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QUOTE 7/6/2011 2:36:25 PM
 Just because he has AKC papers and is up to date on his shots does not make him a quality breeding dog. If you are not willing to show him and see if he measures up to the breed standard, you have no business using him to make more lower quality pups. If he is top of the line, you should be able to recoup some of your expenses when the girls start lining up and the pups are selling.

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QUOTE 7/6/2011 3:57:22 PM
I like how a lot of novices put the "up to date on health issue's" another phrase for simply has his shots.  It is wise to know the status of more than shots for Pems and stud dogs in general.  I would say genetic testing is priority, even of the show record for the breed.  Knowing where you stand on hips, eye's, vWD and DM,,,whether or not they're clear is one thing but those are vital for making breeding decisions for my females is important and won't breed to an outside stud who doesn't have those tests.  My own studs also have them done.  Knowing "fluff" status is also handy but not priority.  Lets not forget about brucellosis testing.

My studs are shown and titled however I won't limit my self to titles to get certain traits in my program although it's pretty hard to look at a stud that doesn't at least have some points on him.  With the variety of pointed and titled stud dogs for me to choose from out of my breeder contacts and networks, I'd be hard pressed to look at one that wasn't.  There is usually a titled/tested chap out there with the traits I'm looking for.  I have Pembroke and Cardigans.

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