Does my dog need a pet?

Does my dog need a pet?

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QUOTE 5/28/2011 11:17:08 PM
In February we had to put our 14 year old friend to sleep.  She was a good, loving dog.  Lucky is our other dog, he's a 7 year old mixed rescue that we've had since he was a puppy.  His separation anxiety has gotten ten times worse since putting Chloe to sleep.  He's having accidents in the kitchen (he is house broken) and he isn't playing with our cats like he used to.  Does he need longer to grieve or does he need a new female dog in his family?


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QUOTE 5/30/2011 2:21:22 PM
  Dogs do like having other canines to bond with (they are pack animals). He could be lonely and wanting that connection with another dog. I would say if you have been a two dog family,  and want to still be that, that your dog could certainly benefit from that.  Otherwise, lots of attention and play and spending time with his humans can help take his mind off the vacancy and  after awhile he may find that to be normal. 

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QUOTE 8/29/2011 4:33:24 AM
We had an older cat who was 13 yrs old. She was not doing well and I was very upset. We decided to get a puppy to help me through a tough time and got a german short hair pointer. When we brought Schultz in the house, the cat perked right up and was very loving towards the bouncey pup. The cat lived to be 22 yrs old.

When she passed, we decided to bring another cat in the house. Things did not go well at first with Schultz and Hogan. It took three weeks for them to work out their relationship, which developed into a loving and playful one. They did everthing together. Schultz lived to 15 yrs of age.

Now we a new addition...Gus. Hogan is not really interested in Gus as a pup. He tollerates him and will even start a game of chase me, Gus is very gentle with Hogan and Hogan is gentle with Gus. I have every confidence they will sort things out as Gus matures. So yes I am a fan of having at least two pets. They do look out for each other and comfort each other and get each other in trouble lol.
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