A dog for cats???

A dog for cats???

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QUOTE 11/30/2010 3:32:38 PM
Hi everyone!

I am looking to get a dog sometime in the future and I have had dogs in
the past. The main difference now is that I have cats where I did not
have them before when I had dogs.

I am curious if there is a particular dog breed that gets along well
with cats - I am looking into the smaller variety (10-20 lbs.), not too
active (I have arthritis that is under control with meds) and I live in a
house in semi-rural area. Long walks would not be a problem, nor some
play time!

My past dogs have been "mutts" and I wouldn't mind another if I could
tell the breeds that were mixed in there! All my current cats are strays
or from the Humane Society - so a rescue league would be my first
choice for an adoption agency - unless I have to get a puppy so they can
learn to get along. So, purebred is first choice, mutt second... Again,
the main criteria is the ability to get along with my cats - the eldest
is 14 yrs.

So, any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated!

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QUOTE 12/1/2010 11:45:33 AM
  I have heard that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are excellent with cats.  My uncle has a pair and they are real lap dogs, maturing at around 15 pounds and very content to cuddle all day.  They are simply adorable doggies - by all means check them out...

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QUOTE 12/2/2010 3:03:47 PM
Thanks Misty!

I am still very deep into "research mode" and the Cavalier King Charles has been one of my top choices! But I also wanted some actual first hand experiences, like yourself, to go along with what I have read.

My roommate used to raise Shelties and she would like to have another someday; my concern is the herding instinct - I really don't want curb that wonderful trait by not letting the dog "herd" our cats! It might get ugly...  :o)

Another top choice in my research is an Havanese breed. Anymore thoughts out there???

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