Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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        A shout out to all the good and knowledgeable people here on NDP,  Have a wonderful, blessed and very Thankful day. Thank God for your families & friends, your dogs & other furred & feathered critters, for the roof over your head, for your jobs at home and at that place you visit daily (if you're laid off, we're praying for you), for the shoes on your feet, and the clothes on your back. For a nice warm home, filled with all your good stuff, for a little change in your pockets, and for the pockets even. For your churches, your country and the million other little blessings we have here in our great country. For our service men & women who daily lay their lives on the line to protect us and others around the world.   For the good food you'll enjoy and all the hands, old and new, that prepared it. Life's Good!         

 Happy turkey eating everyone! D 


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