Broker site killing private breeder advertising

Broker site killing private breeder advertising

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QUOTE 11/17/2010 11:48:11 PM
There is a huge Broker website that has bought up almost every breed name in every city and State.  If you do a "google search" for say "Boston Terrier breeder" or what ever breed you are looking for.... you will see all of the the websites are actually copies of just ONE ROTTEN BROKER SITE.

Using that site is no better than going to a pet store and they have a crappy/ phony  "lifetime guarantee" which basically has people paying for crappy quality dogs twice upfront.  Buyers are just too stupid to see that.

The bad thing is that when someone is looking to buy a puppy they don't even get a chance to see any ordinary breeders on the first 10 pages because of this ONE COMPANY.  This one entity spamming up the first 10 pages of ads.

It should not be right that one company has bought up all these names and are acting like they are different sites, when you click on the web pages they are all the same dogs.  This is one site listed over and over and over again. 

As breeders we all have to contact Google and the other big search engines and let them know what this shady company is doing and how it is killing individual breeders ability to sell puppies honestly and on their own.

Lets cut out this greasy middle-man company! 


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QUOTE 7/17/2011 12:44:06 PM
Anyone can go into say and purchase a web domain, at 1 point I owned
new jersey
north carolina
new yourk

Thats the plus to having free enterprise, however its not free! LOL
I pissed off a new jersey breeder in a big way because i bought the new jersey domain, its OK for her to sell my breed a few hours away from MY home but I cant sell there?

Now I deleted most of the domains, created a new one, and I target intentionally the states of New York, New Jersey, PA, and offer hand delivery for a FEE AND IT WORKS... RATHER WELL. 2 of 5 pups sold this time are going to new york and surrounding areas. The plus to that is, I have family in New York, New Jersey, and PA so why shouldnt I capitolize on that!

YOU have the right to purchase every dog breed name, for example and buy every states, .info, .net,.org..

as for the broker, I dont know if they are selling pups or what but most buyers are smarter then they seem. I had customers bypass a 350 puppy, to drive twice the distance pay twice the price... because she reaks PUPPYMILL and being a lil bord last night i researched the kennel name.. thats exactly what she is.. she is a mill, and a broker she buys entire litters cheap and sells for profit.. which would be ok if they were all healthy..which they are not. atleast not according to the blogs ive come across.. glad i never pissed off anyone like that!

some say a personal website brings in attention, not really not for me.. my sales come about 50/50 puppyfind and nextday... i bought into several other sad lil sites which i pulled right back out traffic.

and you can cry to google all you want.. they dont care IF their ads show up in pages like you say.. they are paying for adwords, and thats expensive.. dont think google is killing off any paying member...

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QUOTE 7/19/2011 5:22:01 PM
@beaglebrat - We are aware of the tactics used by this company and others and are in the preliminary steps to providing a solution which will empower Next Day Pets and its reputable breeder base by banding together.

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QUOTE 7/19/2011 11:31:25 PM

Quote nextdaypetsforumhelp:

@beaglebrat - We are aware of the tactics used by this company and others and are in the preliminary steps to providing a solution which will empower Next Day Pets and its reputable breeder base by banding together.
although nextday is a decent site, they dont have the power, the resources to stop the sale of domain names. I dont care if 1 million breeders band together anyone can buy the web domain names.. some people buy the domains only to list them for sale.

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QUOTE 7/27/2011 10:36:42 PM
My problem is that it is the same site with just different domain names.  I really don't think that is the intent of the internet.   I had a person contact me that said the first 2-3 pages of searching for a puppy were all the same broker site.  That is NOT COOL!  They should get a top listing-- fine.  Just not the first 30 rankings.   If you google "Puggle Breeder, Puggle Puppies,  Puggle puppies for sale,  my personal website is in the top 1-10 on page 1. (WAY ABOVE NEXTDAYPETS!)   We didn't go through any company.  My husband is just good at site optimization. 

I would say 60-70% of my sales are coming from organic internet searches, my facebook page, or repeat customers.  That is why I haven't even had to advertise on here or puppyfind for the past few months.  Now I have a couple litters again at once, and I have to start the ads back up.

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