Chihuahua ears

Chihuahua ears

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QUOTE 11/16/2010 1:45:45 PM
Can someone PLEASE tell me how long does it take usually for a Chihuahua's ears to start going up normally? I am so concerened that my new baby's ears arent gonna go up? He is a lil over 2months and they havent. Ive got a 2year old Chihuahua and when I purchased her at 2 months her ears were already pointing up?


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QUOTE 11/23/2010 2:00:20 PM
generally speaking it can take several months for them to stand if the ear set is correct, the cartilage on the bottom has to get strong enough to support the pups ears. Now, there are several dogs that the ears are too large and they will never stand. I suggest you ask the breeder about it as shes going to know more about the dogs than we would, hopefully anyway

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