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QUOTE 11/15/2010 11:06:42 AM
Can someone please try and explain to me the difference between the two?

I have an AKC registered Chihuahua and a (supposedly) "purebred"  CKC Chihuahua..

I will go into more detail about that when I get some responses...PLEASE HELP

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QUOTE 11/15/2010 3:28:31 PM
It's just two different registries.   I don't know anything about CKC.   AKC is more widely known and accepted.    You will probably find people that will talk highly of CKC but you will also probably find people that don't think much of them.  

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QUOTE 11/16/2010 10:39:41 AM
Thanks, I have heard nothing but bad things about CKC, that they are not as strict with their guidlines therefore alot of puppymills use them. I feel like I got sucked into one. Thanks for your response

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QUOTE 11/16/2010 2:30:55 PM
Actually CKC has good guidelines, check them out its www.ckcusa.com  they are a fairly new registry only being around for 20 some years. They are great to work with, AKC does not rec. them but they dont rec. arpi, apr, ukc etc.

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QUOTE 11/23/2010 1:53:44 PM
 First a paper doesnt mean jack, you can get a puppy mill puppy that has either papers or some one who didnt care about the dogs just the money they may make.

 AKC has taken some measures to ensure the quality of the facilities that have AKC dogs but quite frankly it requires more effort and loss of money than most care to deal with.

 CKC has a bad rep because you can register a dog that as a completely unknown heritage and call it a pure bred and get a nice piece of paper for it. With the restricted AKC papers most people will buy those dogs then register them with ckc or go to craigslist and get those free to a good home dogs depending on the person. A quality looking dog normally comes from stock that is good but wasnt meant to be bred.

 Now, unless you are a breeder papers are worth only the cost of the paper its printed on. It is a lazy excuse to say the breeder is a good one because they use such and such registry, it take more work to find a good one that looking for letters.

 There are a great many good dogs out there that would make excellent pets no matter those fancy letters. Know what you want and look for it all the way through.

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