Procedures for getting a mix breed

Procedures for getting a mix breed

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I am very new to all of this and would like to apologize if my question if too simple.
My girlfriend and I have a wonderful chow chow/cocker spaniel mix, who has been nothing but a blessing. We would like to get another dog and want to have the same breed. What's involved in getting a custom chow chow/cocker mix. It seems that all the breeders only deal in single breed and dont deal in such an odd mix.

Would love to get some input how we can have another chow chow/cocker spaniel.

Thank you for your time.

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 I am sure your dog is a delite to share your life with. However, there are so many good dogs in the world that are being killed for lack of a home, why would you want to add to that?  Sure you can buy a chow and try to find a cocker to breed it wiht but ask yourself if you will be keeping the pups or adding to the pet population. There are many similar crosses right now in animal shleters in the missouri, kansas area. Most are black with some white. Try checking around first.
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