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  I would like to challenge all the good breeders at nextdaypets.com.( and you probably already do this so I am preaching to the choir!) please do your dog's teeth once in a while. Today I picked up 17 dogs at a dog auction. One had good shiney teeth. The others had at least tartar build up. Nine actually had loose and rotten teeth that were black. I was able to break off the tartar on most of the dogs with a scaler available in any pet catalogue. I have an apointment on thursday to get the group neutered ,spayed and have the dental done on the nine. None of these dogs is over 3 years old, but they all came from kennels with over 200 dogs. I am sure most of you don't have that many dogs. Maybe that is part of the problem but I also feel that there should NOT be a limit on how many dogs you have as long as you can take care of them.

 I have a once a month groming week where I go through adn groom everyone. That includes teeth. It is not ahrd to get them to sit still. I also use a rinse in their water to help with teeth. They get chew toys every monday,usually domestic rawhide or Kong toys. That keeps most dental probelms at bay. It is not ahrd but I don't get why the kennels don't do it. Thanks for letting me vent.

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I can't speak for everyone, but for me it is simply lack of funds. I have to schedule EVERYTHING around the sell of a puppy. I do have credit with my vet, but I try not to use it except for emergencies.

I do the teeth brushing every month when I give Interceptor, weigh and cut toe-nails, but the tarter still builds up to a degree that my simple preventative is not enough. I

 lucked out this year, I was able to have all but 2 of my dogs teeth cleaned, one was with a young litter and one was in heat, sadly, they will have to wait for awhile now.

It runs me $75.00 per dog to have the teeth done. That may not sound like much.....unless that amount is taken out of a total monthly income of less than $900. I keep my dogs as medically healthy as possible, but I often have to let some things slide until the budget can be adjusted to fit everything in. 


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I battle tooth issues. A lot of it is my own doing though. I wet and heat up the dry kibble for every one of my dogs.  They like it warm and mushy or they tip their bowls and waste all their food. I have picky eaters, and I have to do what I do to make them eat. I spend over an hour each day feeding the dogs, which should take 10 minutes. I swear I am going to get cancer from using the microwave so much--heating up dog food.

What is worse is I know that warm mushy food is terrible for their teeth. Some would need to go in every 3 months and the quickest I can rotate everyone in is every 18months-2 years.  Unless there is a major problem, like they are having problems chewing/eating or if their mouth gets infected.  Then those dogs have to come first. Others have great teeth. It just depends.

I have looked in to getting the vaccine that is supposed to kill the bacteria that causes tarter, but there are mixed reviews on using that on dogs used for breeding.

I would say I do what I can and I don't let any of my dogs suffer. In fact,  I take my dogs in to the dentist more than I take myself.  I probably have at least $800 worth of dental work needed besides a whitening would be nice.  Kids, dogs, adults. That is the order that things get done at my house.


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QUOTE 8/19/2010 1:08:22 PM
 I would like to thank the two breeders who replies honestly about teeth issues. I just got back form helping relocate 400 dogs that came from a kennel that closed down. Sadly, this was one of the good breeders as far as care is concerned. ALL the dogs had good teeth, even the 6-7 year old yorkies. All were groomed and had no fleas.

 I have a tooth scaler that I use on the dogs with bad teeth. No need to knock them out. It works well. Sure, the dogs don't much like it and some have bloody guns when I am done but they enjoy the massage they get afterwards. I also use an additive in the water of those with nasty teeth. It helps loosen the tartar some. I give the dogs a rawhide chew once a week and that helps too. When  they go under for surgery,( spay and neuter in my case) my vet is kind enough to allow me to do their teeth with his hydrosonic scaler if needed. Between it all I would say I have alot of dogs who could do a dentine commercial. I am thankful for that. I hope everyone has been able to get somne ideas on dental care from our discourse. Thanks!

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400 dogs O.O If any breeder has 400 dogs they can't possiably be taken care of even if they have good teeth, aside from that. Breeders aren't the only ones who need to take care of their dogs teeth. Breeders and shelters need to educate owners about dental care for their pets. Unfortunatly when we got our dog 13 years ago the shelter did not give us any information on dental care, and dental on her at 15 years old was going to cost a small fortune! Her poor teeth have led to her having kidney problems because the build up of plaque going into her blood stream. All in all anybody who owns dogs needs to care for their teeth, breeders need to tell their puppy buyers that dental is also an important responsiablity.  

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 I agree one person would be challenged to care for 400 dogs. However, she and ehr husband had 6 teenage kids, plus two ogher families living there caring for the dogs. Each person was assigned a group of 25 dogs so they got excellent care in my opinion. Sadly, there are too many people who cannot take care of one dog who then judge others by numbers not by actual care.

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I just don't think the dogs would get enough one on one attention they need, even if they are cared for. I couldn't imagine having 400 dogs and having time to do anything else except care for them. I guess with more people helping it would take some of the load off. Was it a breeding operation? If not sounds like a hoarding case in my opinion.

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    what is the additive you use in the water to help with teeth? Mine always have the rawhide chewys so i think that helps to keep their teeth clean also.

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 Most of the wholesale pet supply stores have it. Look under their dental sections. I use the top performance dental solution and have had good luck with it. My dogs are "spoiled" in that I cook for them once a week too. They get beef stew with vegetables. They love it! I usually give them their special meal after I have done teeth on someone as it is easy to chew. The next day they are back on dry food.
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