What is the BEST Diet For Dogs?

What is the BEST Diet For Dogs?

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QUOTE 1/26/2010 4:14:40 PM
Ok...I'm kind of freaked out. I just read a book called the dog food doctrine.

It says that people and their pets are the only creatures on this planet that regularly get degenerative diseases like cancer! It says we get these diseases because our diets are very similar. Hi carb etc.....It goes on to say that most major commercial dog food brands are slowly killing our dogs because of the bad ingredients.

After reading this, I switched to feeding my dogs a food called orijen and I also feed them raw patties twice a week. Are there any vets here who can comment on this? Has anyone read this book? Thanks!

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QUOTE 1/28/2010 5:55:31 AM
 Sometimes people write books because they have an agenda to push. Horses are prone to skin cancer, especially white or light colored horses.Hereford cattle are prone to cancers of the skin around their eyes.  Plus remember mice and rats, the creatures they study in labs too.So there goes that theory.

 A healthy diet for a carnivor is meat based.A good dog food has meat or meat and bone meal as the number one ingredient. Many dogs don't digest corn so the foods that are corn based are great at making more poop but not much else. Poultry byproducts are the feathers, feet heads, and entrails that humans don't eat. Again, theya re added to boost the CRUDE protein and not the DIGESTABLE protein. Soy can cause allergies in some breeds. Cockers are very prone to skin allergies as well as ear infections. Soy feeds the body's yeast colony in the gut. If the dog is allergic, the yeast colony grows and the dog gets a reaction to too much yeast. The body fights the excess yeast and wala! Hot spots! A hot spot is not only a reaction to an outside stimuli but also an internal one much like acne in teenagers. (Many time people will use a topical cream on a hot spot and they help but you need to find the cause first.)

  So, I would go with a food that is meat based with no soy  and no byproducts. The minimum amount of protein should be 21% and fat at 12%. If your dog is real active go with a food that is high in omega fatty acids and 18% fat. High protein foods can also cause a reaction in some dogs as they cannot provcess the real high protein diets. Watch your dogs nails and coat to see if it is too high in protein. If the coat gets dull and "fly away" or fuzzy on a dog like a golden retriever, it is usually because ther is too much protein in the diet.

 Remember the "minimum standards" set by the govt.is what will keep your dog alive not what he needs.To find the minimum levels they do animal testing. When 50% die then that is the "standard." it depends on the dog in some instances too. Thanks for caring.

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QUOTE 2/17/2010 9:50:11 PM
My ffriends dog had cancer. It survived but it was still sad. also my dog  had a tumor which had cancer was in it, so yes dogs can get cancer. But I say that book is wrong.

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QUOTE 8/27/2010 9:42:18 AM
my baby recently died from cancer. I did a lot of research re dog food. Commercial dog food is poison for our dogs, especially name brands like science diet etc. check out this vets opinion paws2help.com  they are a non profit clinic and I know this for a fact because my niece worked there. the first thing they ask you when you bring your dog in is what are you feeding your dog. The absoulute best food for your dog is your own cooking. Chicken, turkey and beef with some rice and vegetables. If your dog gets cancer you must eliminate all grains and give them the above without any carbs. chicken and a little broccoli. The raw diet is the closest to what dogs ate in the wild but I would only recommend this to a young dog with a good immune system. Look for a Holistic vet in your area . Also check the health food stores if you don't want to cook. Evo dog food is one of the best second only to your own cooking. I will always cook for my dogs from now on. I make a big batch of chicken or turkey and mix in broccoli, pea's etc. I add sweet potato which they love. put portions in the freezer so i always have stock.

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