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Dog Wanted

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QUOTE 1/21/2010 12:14:39 AM
We're looking for a cute lovable house trained-medium-sized young dog who's good with kids (7years old). My kids and I are having a hard time choosing which breed to adopt. We dont have enough money for shipment, we currently live in the Bay Area in California. We were choosing to get a basset hound or an English bulldog. We don't want a hairy dog because I have asthma. My kids and I would really appreciate your response, hopefully soon =).

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QUOTE 1/21/2010 11:19:37 AM
 English Bull dogs have skin issuesand fungus you must diligently watch for adn treat., Bassets are prone to ear infections. If you have allergies, try a havanese, poodle or poodle mix, coton, or bichon. Remember, you are adding a family member who will have doctor bills, food costs and proper care costs. The $300 shipping costs are alot less than that.
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