selling my dog

selling my dog

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QUOTE 1/10/2010 10:51:41 AM
Hi is there a way to sell your dog on here without being a kennel? Or any sites to post my dog locally?


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QUOTE 1/10/2010 9:03:47 PM
Of course you do not have to be a "kennel" or necessarily anything but just someone who owns a litter of  pups that wants to list them online  to post an ad and sell a puppy here on NDP. Lots of sellers are not necessarily kennels here, but maybe have a couple of dogs and a few litters during the year. What you do have to do is just  sign up, be willing to pay the $20 fee for the month (fair price) of ad space, and then post your ad. Also plan to put in the time to answer the inquirees from interested parties and update pics of your pups every week or so is helpful (puppies grow everyday) Good luck.
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