Dogs look Gorgeous but People avoid adoption

Dogs look Gorgeous but People avoid adoption

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QUOTE 12/23/2009 1:03:36 PM
At time i wonder why some very beautiful puppies are placed for sale or adoption yet people finally reject getting them.Is it because of the price or because the ad is not well convincing.

For example; We placed an ad last week with title 'Exotic Purebred Teacup Yorkshire Terriers for Sale', They were two puppies (male and female) which we were offering at $800 yet the very few people who contacted us were kind of offering $500.From the outset we thought we could sell these very cute puppies at $2000 until we found no one offering $800 for both.We had to withdrew our ad and our little babies are still with us. Could anyone advise us on how to re-home these little cuties?We shall much appreciate it.


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QUOTE 12/30/2009 4:48:12 PM
 I lost you on the "exotic teacup" part. Either they are yorkies or they are not yorkies but some sort of mix. Are you saying they are an off color? Perhaps a "rare brindle yorkie" as I have seen on NDP before. With the economy in the toilet and people struggling just for food, perhaps you should lower your price. The pups have their shots and have been wormed of course, but even with all your tender care, the money isn't out there.Try posting your dogs at a lower more affordable price and see if that works.

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QUOTE 12/31/2009 1:00:26 PM
With the lingo in the ad you posted on the forum, it looked alot like a typical scam, especially using the word "exotic" on a breed that is not "rare" by any means.  There simply isn't anything exotic about tiny yorkies anymore.  They are posted here every day in droves.  Going to have to be more competitive with your price or offer more incentive at the current price such as possible potty training or obedience training, leash training. 


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QUOTE 12/31/2009 3:46:17 PM
I have to agree with the other poster. There is nothing "exotic" about a Yorkie. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a "teacup" Yorkie. The Yorkie should not exceed 7 pounds. I realize many people use the word "teacup" as just a description of size. In addition to your choice of wording in your title, you need to consider the economy as being a major factor in people searching for pets as well as the fact that there are many Yorkies for sale. You may have to either lower your price or plan on keeping them until the economy starts to improve.

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QUOTE 1/2/2010 2:47:56 PM
Your ad does sound exactly like a scam. I wouldn't purchase from you either. Do you have a website that gives further information about you and your dogs? To show that you have a true, legitimate breeding program?

Also most "real breeders" don't sell puppies together in a package deal. Particularly any well bred Yorkie. You aren't going to purchase 2 for $800, unless it is one of those Nigerian scam deals-- which give all internet sellers a bad name.

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