What is American Canine Association?

What is American Canine Association?

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QUOTE 12/9/2009 7:26:16 PM
What exactly is ACA registration?  I have never heard of it before and
I want to know if it a reputable registration.  I've researched it
online and read that it's not good and a knock off of AKC registration,
if so why is it not good.  Thanks for your help in advance. 


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QUOTE 12/10/2009 7:04:27 AM
ACA has some good points and bad points.  I personally believe ACA can thank AKC for its existence.  AKC used to be very similar to the IRS, they would come to a kennel unannounced and "audit" that kennel.  They would fine a kennel sometimes thousands of dollars  if paper work was not done perfectly or any minor infraction.  If you couldn't cough up the money, they would strip your  dogs of their AKC registrations.  Therefore, most breeders would double register their dogs, so that they would still have their dogs registered.  Some breeders just simply refused to register their dogs with AKC at all.  None of the above has ever happened to me,  but one inspector demanded that I plant bushes around my kennel.  She has since been fired from AKC.  I bought probably one of my best dogs from a gentleman who refuses to register his dogs with AKC for the above reasons and now uses UKC, who also inspects kennels, but has been more reasonable to work with.  AKC is no longer the bad guys, they've cleaned up their act and are working hard to get the breeders back, but during their dark years, they lost a lot of quality dogs and breeders to other registrations by their own greed.   ACA does not inspect breeders and gives reciprocol registration to most, if not all, of the other registries.  So, a question you may want to ask an ACA breeder is "Do your dogs come from AKC lines?"

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QUOTE 12/14/2009 1:44:46 PM
ACA is nothing more and nothing less than a business that documents dogs into their database and issues you a piece of paper based on what was submitted. 

There are a LOT of dog registry's to choose from now. 

The only difference any more is basically that some have dog shows,  some inspect your premises, dogs and paperwork and some are cheaper to get dogs

registered through than others.

Everybody wants to talk about AKC being the best but I've failed to see where

that is so.  From my experience AKC only inspects paperwork to be able to

fine you to be able to put more money in their cofers or to uphold their requirements from their DDLA lawsuit that says they must inspect kennels and

run DNA test within a certain criteria.   

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QUOTE 12/14/2009 11:54:54 PM
ACA, American Canine Association.  Another registry of dogs and I understand they have shows.  It is less expensive than AKC. There are many registrations out there.  AKC , American Kennel Cluh is probally the oldest.  It is true they do have inspectors visit kennels. I never thought they would refuse the kennel AKC for poor record keeping.   I would hope they would show the kennel how to keep better records because AKC would loose income if they took the AKC registrations away from a kennel.   And they are already hurting because with other registries being less expensive and less intrusive, kennel owners are going to cheaper registrations.  Registration is paper that tells the parent hood of pup; and one can get pedigree which shows generations of a pup also in both registries.  By the way AKC  or any other registraions do not own a persons kennel. 
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