Eating Dogs

Eating Dogs

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QUOTE 12/7/2009 1:39:31 PM
I read in an article that dogs are served as culinary dish most popular in countries in Asia. Of course, it is there culture. But what I am wondering is IF THERE IS a law that governs against eating dogs in US?



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YUCK!!!!!    I was just discussing this a couple of weeks ago with some friends where everyone was disagreeing.   We actually tried to find a law or something relating to it online.   We never could really find anything.    My thought is, you can eat squirrel, possum or any other kind of animal and really a dog is 'just' an animal so why wouldn't you be able to?   I would have to think that there would be something that states it can't be served in a restaurant but then again, all meat served in a restaurant has to be inspected.   That is what I would assume and I have always heard rumors about dogs disappearing in certain ethnic neighborhoods.   I wouldn't think it could be illegal.

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QUOTE 12/16/2009 2:32:40 AM
Yes this is very true. My husband who is from a remote city in the Philippines told me before that dogs are used as delicacy in their area, like how we eat roast pig. I said yuck! Dogs are man's best friend, how can you have the heart to kill it and roast it? But it is the tradition of the people in their hometown. He said he used to eat it also and it's very tasty actually. He stopped eating it when he saw a neighbor who showed him how when you heat the flesh of the dog, worms came out.

Also when you eat a lot of dogs, you exude a certain smell that only dogs can decipher that you have eaten a lot of them and they will be very "unfriendly" towards you.

Cats are also a delicacy in other parts of the Philippines I heard. Other places in China eats monkey. I cannot fathom how these people can eat animals other than chicken, pigs, duck and cow lol...incidentally, I only eat those hehehe...


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Oh one other thing, as for laws preventing eating dogs and cats, no I don't think they have that in the Philippines. Like I said, it is a delicacy for some, but I think it is a slowly diminishing delicacy.

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