How can I put weight on a puppy?

How can I put weight on a puppy?

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QUOTE 12/6/2009 2:19:41 AM
We have a nice big litter of 8 Bullmastiff puppies.    They are 6 weeks old.    We took all the puppies to the vet for shots and their first check ups this week.  One puppy was born bigger then the others and has slowly started to slow down on his growth.  This puppy is now the smallest of the litter by about 3 pounds.   The vet said he has a Grade 2-3 heart murmur.     He acts and plays like normal but he is incredibly skinny.    Will the heart murmur make him be that skinny?   Is there anything that you can give a puppy to make them gain weight?   Any advice is appreciated.   Thanks!

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QUOTE 12/6/2009 6:38:15 AM
You need to give him the right medication to regulate heart murmurs. Giving him proper diet is key here. A light exercise will do so that your dog will not tire out easily.


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If the puppy is skinnier than the others, that is ok, as long as it is within the recommended size. Like humans, we have tall, short, fat and thin so with animals.

Check his weight first. In this article I read, it said - At seven weeks a puppy weighs between 6.5 and 7 kilograms and at
sixteen weeks of age it weighs around 22 and 25 kilograms. Avoid
getting one that is too big because it can cause bone and articulation

Check out this article - Bullmastiff


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QUOTE 12/22/2009 1:29:42 PM
yes a heart murmur will cause a puppies growth to slow, as you have seen with this little guy. I agree that you should solicit advice from your vet as to what can be done- or not- to help him thru this. Heart murmurs can be serious, but sometimes slight ones are outgrown, altho I do not know the grading on that. Sometimes they are bad enough that there is not much you can do for the puppy but love it unconditionally as long as it is here.

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Dogs that are diagnosed with any type of hereditary heart problem should not be bred in order to avoid passing on congenital heart health problems to future generations.

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Quote brennerandprue:

Dogs that are diagnosed with any type of hereditary heart problem should not be bred in order to avoid passing on congenital heart health problems to future generations.
That depends on the breed of dog you are talking about. My vet cardiologist was quoting an extensive study by Penn State that said up to 50% of all adult Boxers have some grade of murmur, luckily up to 75% of those are innocent. The same is not true for other breeds.

I think all Cavalier King Charles Spaniels develop significant genetic heart problems by age 10.

In certain breeds to eliminate all dogs with genetic heart problems would be to either eliminate the breed all together, or to exclude so many dogs for breeding that it would "bottle-neck" the breed-- meaning eliminate so many that you are just leaving so few genes in the pool that you are going to come up with even worse problems after several generations.

BTW-- My dogs are all heart tested by a Cardiologist and just this spring I spayed and placed a 2 year old female that seemed completely healthy but had Sub-aortic stenosis (SAS).


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Please talk to your Vet about what is best for your puppy concerning diet, exercise, what to expect, etc. Since this is a genetic defect it is important to re-evaluate your breeding program. The Cavalier King Charles has become a nightmare due to irresponsible breeding practices. Good Luck with your puppy.

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QUOTE 1/20/2010 1:52:52 AM
There is a cheap pill u can get at walmart called dyeast just 1/2 to 1 pill a day  is healthy and will catch him up, I use it 4 my bull terriers  all the time
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