Lifetime Guarantees??? Buyer Beware!

Lifetime Guarantees??? Buyer Beware!

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QUOTE 11/8/2009 3:42:42 PM
There is a competitor site out there that pretty much brokers puppies via the internet. If a breeder wants $500 for a puppy, they get almost $1500 for the same puppy because they sell a "lifetime guarantee" in case something happens to the puppy, they give you 40% of you money back, even if it is lost or stolen. Of course it has lots of stipulations...........

But for the math challenged..................You are basically paying for 2- 2.5 puppies up front and then when something happens they give you some of your money back, if the situation qualifies.

It is a near scam level..............bad deal, that puppy buyers should be looking out for.

I have now noticed some "breeders" even advertising on here, basically copying that idea. They are selling poor quality puppies, not even AKC Registered, from non-health tested parents, for huge amounts of money because of a "lifetime guarantee".

Why bother? You are getting a poor quality puppy and paying for it twice? Why not buy a well bred puppy, with health tested parents, that has a decent standard guarantee?

The fact is, if a breeder offered a lifetime guarantee..........they would be losing money on each sale..........because all dogs are going to die of something.


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QUOTE 11/9/2009 4:23:38 PM
I have been looking at a few more of these new "lifetime guarantee" ads that have been popping up.

It seems on more than one, they only offer the lifetime Guarantee if the person feeds their pet "Nuvet Vitamins" during the life of the dog.  The purchaser would have to type in a code for the breeders account to prove that the dogs are getting these vitamins.

THIS IS A SCAM! Can we say Multi-level-marketing? These breeders are continually getting paid by NuVet for forcing these puppy buyers to purchase these vitamins! Who knows how much the breeders are getting over the life of the dog........but obviously enough to pay to give the people another dog for free.............


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QUOTE 11/10/2009 2:31:47 AM
 Just as every dog is "completely housetrained and good with kids" right?. I guaranee that what you purchased was and is and will continue to be a dog. If it becomes a cat instead I will refund your adoption fee.... Or if the Male dog has a litter of pups I promise to refund half of your adoption fee. Same kind of "lifetime guarentee" huh?LOL

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QUOTE 11/10/2009 12:28:01 PM
Way to go kathystone! What you see is what you are buying! Life time garrenty, just buy 2 from me anmd you will have a back up! (lol)

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QUOTE 11/11/2009 7:04:36 AM
As a breeder I see no reason why you would not be proud to warrant your puppies and the hard work you have done to make sure you are in fact offering good healthy puppies.  We live in a "it's not fault society", no one wants to be accountabile for their own actions and they want some guarantee that life will be good..   But as we all know that is not possible for everything, but if a puppy fails for some reason it is good business to stand behind it nonetheless, and do so as quickly as possible. 

If you can't do this and are not willing to do so please stop breeding dogs.. Simple as that...


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QUOTE 11/11/2009 7:25:54 AM
Jover, I take it that you are one of these incredible breeders that offer a "lifetime" guarantee...........The problem is, all dogs are going to die of something eventually right? Some of these guarantees even replace for lost or stolen dogs, which is clearly NOT the breeders responsiblity.

So please tell me how you can "guarantee" that a 10-14 year old dog is not going to die of something like heart failure? Eventually all dogs die of cancer, heart failure or some other problem. They don't have a life span as long as humans. So if you had a "true" lifetime guarantee, you should be replacing EVERY DOG YOU SELL, at some point. I find that to just be dishonest.

I notice that not one of the breeders offering "lifetime guarantees" that I saw advertised mention any OFA number health testing on the parents.

I OFA health test my parents, and I offer a 1 year genetic, 2 year hip and 3 year heart health guarantee that is HONEST, and any one who looks at it will tell you it is one of the best in the breed-- that is something I do stand behind and that is why I do take the time to health test my parents before they are bred.

How can these breeders offer lifetime guarantees with unhealth tested parents, if there is not a SCAM in it in the purchase price or by what type of food/vitamins they are required to purchase in order to honor the guarantee?

I argued this with an old breeder friend of mine. She likes to "say" she has a lifetime guarantee.... but she has only replaced about 2 dogs in 40 years. Sounds impressive right? Well, she isn't so good on the health testing, and in 40 years average would say she should have replaced more than 2. In fact......lifetime means she should have replaced every puppy she sold. So somethings not right in that "guarantee".

I purchased a dog from that friend 2 years ago, and when I tested it BEFORE BREEDING it came up with SubAortic Stenosis. So bad that as soon the Cardiologist touched her chest he was like "OH", and he said "Do not under any circumstances use this dog for breeding, she a terrible murmur and SAS, you can test further, but it would be a waste of money".  He has never said that before in all my years of testing with him.

Now, I told my friend that I purchased this dog from...... the one that "claims" to have a lifetime guarantee........ do you think she has offered to replace this dog? NO, AND I AM A GOOD FRIEND.

Looking at the quality of the dogs on the ads/websites, the lack of health testing on the parents, and the need in some to purchase either a certain food or vitamins during the life of the dog in order for it to qualify. I consider them to be a scam and something to watch out for.


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QUOTE 11/11/2009 6:27:41 PM
 I bought my puppies (now adults that are breeding) that the parents were OFA even that doesn't mean the puppies won't have hip proublems because the new owners let them play on slippery hard wood or lanoilum floors that cause hip troubles. Or a custemer lets the puppy eat stuffed animals that lodge in the intestions. I won't life time warrenty with fools like that no matter if mine are chanpions (they are) or not! I have no control over other people with my puppies across the country! Have you seen the other things a custemer has to do to get the warrenty? They have to send the remains back to deturmin for a fact it is under their so called life time warrenty contract! 
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