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New Boxer

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QUOTE 10/21/2009 3:35:43 PM
Who is knowledgeable about boxers? I just adopted a 1 year old boxer from our local Humane Society. Seems like pretty good circumstances, he was surrendered because he was "too active" which is absurd. I don't know who wouldn't expect a young boxer to be active and consider that before getting the dog in the first place, but whatever. The paperwork says he's house trained to the point that he can hold it all night, and that he's good with kids. He met my other dog, a beagle, and they got along fine. The thing is, i just don't know boxers. My boyfriend is actually the one adopting the dog and he has had one in the past, but since we live together and will be sharing the responsibility I was wondering if anyone could give me any boxer specific tips or hints.  Thanks!


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QUOTE 10/21/2009 5:08:14 PM
I raise Boxers, but they are like any other dog. Get him in to an obedience class. Be consistent, and get a crate to keep him in when you can't supervise him.

Boxers are friendly dogs and most try very hard to please their owners. They can also be really mischievous and naughty (hence the crate).  Also, be firm and the people need to remain the Alpha in the home. We live with a lot of Boxers, and yes they can have energy, but overall they also just like to lay by your feet, or snuggle next to you for a nap. They are house dogs.

Also if he isn't neutered, get him neutered right away. That can help calm them down a bit.


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QUOTE 10/22/2009 11:19:00 PM
Congrats!  Your going to have the most fun time of your life.  Boxers are both entertaining and comical.  They can do some of the funniest things you have

ever seen a dog do.  They tend to be a bit stubborn until they learn who is

the boss.  We consider ours to be just big baby lugs!

Just to give you an idea of what you might can expect from them:
We had one that would run alongside the kids on their 4 wheels and go carts and one day she wasn't paying attention and ran head on into a tree.  After that she walked way around that tree for weeks and would bark and growl at it like it hit her.  We had another one that when she was a pup would run around the back side of the truck and not once but twice she knocked herself out on the trailer
hitch that stuck out.  When she'd come to she would look at it like "What hit me!". 
  Your going to LOVE your Boxer!  Can't imagine anybody surrendering one - some people just shouldn't own a dog I guess.
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