Does Your Dog Love To "Share"?

Does Your Dog Love To "Share"?

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QUOTE 9/2/2009 1:16:10 AM
I've written this several times; I guess it went out into cyberspace somewhere.

We have a 14 month old tan & white collie/lab mix we rescued when she was 5 months old named Freckles. The other night I was in my recliner all stretched out with my laptop relaxing. She brought her cherished chew bone over and gently laid it across my ankles. We get her a real nice butcher bone each Friday night as a treat/reward for being a good girl while I work week days from 8:30 to 2:00. She stays in our large kitchen while I'm gone and it's just as I leave it when I come  home except she may have gotten a toy or two out of her toy basket to play with. I said, "No thank you, girl. Come get cha' boney." (She knows what that means). So she came over and retrieved her precious bone and placed it on the chair beside me and then pushed it with her little nose up as far as she could toward me as if to say, "No, please...have a chew!"

She's a lot of work; she has to be bathed, groomed, brushed, fed, watered, walked no matter what the weather is doing (she's an inside dog), played with, exercized, taken to the Vet and given medicine when she needs it but sometimes it's we who find ourselves on the receiving end of things.

It's an amazing, warm, fun, and wonderful experience to have a pet!

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