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Quote maoseger1010:

I agree you've been giving your opinions, I've never disagreed with that. Of course your opinions are Bias, based on your inability to be impartial or completely objective because you are a breeder.  Doesn't make you bad or your opinions bad.  You just have a bias that someone who is not a breeder may not have.   Thats all.  I for the life of me can't figure out why your seemingly so offended by the word Bias.  We all have them.  I have biases because I'm a mother, a woman, I have a degree, I'm a wife, I live in the Mid-West, and on and on.  My choices and my experiences have shaped my opinions and bias's. Having them isn't bad unless we fail to share with others we're giving our opinions to what our bias are.  
I'm not offended or even mildly excited about our discussion - I just don't feel that

I can't view other's opinions objectively.  Bias, to me, is more where you can't see past your own view point.  I can usually see other people's opinion and why they might have them and on occassion I've even been able to be swayed to their way of looking at things.  Bias, to me again, is more where you think your way is the only way.

Heck I even see where the Animal Rights Activist have the RIGHT TO THEIR OPINION but I fail to see where they have the RIGHT TO PUSH THEIR OPINIONS into Laws thus affecting my life.   Their ACTIONS in my way of

thinking prove their BIAS Status going beyond Opinion. 

I guess you and I just don't agree on what Bias is. 
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