Eukanuba and IAMS found guilty for animal testing!

Eukanuba and IAMS found guilty for animal testing!

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You are most welcome :)

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Hi, I am so glad someone asked well what do I feed my pet. You know there is an alternative to store bought pet food. Fresh organic, natural pet food direct from a USDA approved manufacturing site in the US with no fillers, coloring,chemicals or garbage, developed by a well known holistic veterinarian delivered to you (no sitting in pest ridden warehouses or hot shipment trucks for as much as a year.. I am on a mission to save the lives of pets in this country because my pom died of kidney failure. I dont think our loving pets deserve the kind of garbage treatment of major corporations int his country. I didnt know that downed animals diseased and euthanized pets can be put into pet food because there is no law against it. We can change that - Joan


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An Animal feed company testing their feed on Animals.  I know this topic is as old as the hills but for pitty sake, I don't see a bunch of humans standing in line for those free samples.  Would you be more likely to try it if we poured milk over it like cereal? 

Animal food being tested on Animals, where would they get a crazy idea like that? 


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 "After all just because one person asks one question as simple as "So what kind of dog food should I feed my dog?" doesn't mean you people need to start a fight or make rude and unnesessary comments. This Is a Pet forum, and people here are just trying to help, I mean seriously do you people have nothing better to do but Be Obnoxious to one another when one is only trying to help. Seriously. I've been reading these forums for a while now and have chosen not to comment, because the simplest thing I would say, would turn into fight. Hmm..fascinating "

I agree wholeheartedly. It is the usual tone that I have seen time & time again by quite a few people who post here, no matter what the topic.

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yes animal testing isn't good. However. these premium dry foods are not necessarliy any better that the ones being sold in supermarkets. Legally they don't need to be,in any way shape or form. & I love how you all think you are experts on the matter! years ago Iams was the one all vets said to buy.
Now it's Royal Canin or whatever company sends the vet free pens,or other kick backs. Yes you need to do the research. Not all preservatives are bad,& because of the high fat content in dry food a preservatives are needed (natural ones are good).
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