Pomeranian buying help

Pomeranian buying help

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QUOTE 6/1/2009 8:06:41 PM
I was considering buying a Pomeranian online. I was wondering what kind of question's should I ask before buying a puppy/dog online ? Do you have any other suggestions that may help ?

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QUOTE 6/3/2009 8:53:10 PM
Please make sure you have studied about the breed or are familiar with the breed before purchase. It is recommended that Pombabies not go to their new home until they are 10 weeks of age. Not only should you ask many questions, but you should also be prepared to answer many questions. A reputable breeder always wants to know about potential new families. Here are some questions:
1. How long have you been a breeder and why?
2. Are the puppies AKC registered?
3. Do you have a contract? What does it contain? Guarantee? Spay/Neuter?
4. Are the parents on site? (the mother should be, although many breeders do not own the father).
5. What vaccinations/wormings will be given?
6. What are the good/bad qualities of the parents?
7. Ask about the pedigree and any show titles.
8. Is there any evidence of BSD or collapsed trachea in the pedigree?
9. Are the puppies raised in the home and socialized?
10. Be sure to get several references and the telephone number of their vet.
**It is always preferable if you can physically pick up the puppy instead of having it shipped. GOOD LUCK!
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