How do I get my dog to go potty outside?

How do I get my dog to go potty outside?

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I have a 5 month old cockapoo and she will go potty outside but she will also go inside if you don't pay attention to the time. I was wondering if there was a way to teach her to alert me that she has to go. Any ideas?

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try putting a little bell at the door and teach her to tap the bell when she wants to go out,my brother used that to train his dog and it worked very well.but make sure you are consistent with it , good luck

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First get a dog crate. This will be her room for a few days or weeks. YOU will have to pay attention to her body so she learns how to let you know her body said to go potty. Put her on a feeding schedule. They usually go when they wake up, after eating and after playing. Put her in her crate about 7 pm wiht water, no food. She may protest. Do not give in. At about 10 pm take her out of the crate adn GO OUT WITH ERH. Ask her to go potty. Once she does anything, praise her. Maker sure you are out long enough for both functions. Then in the crate with a treat. If you get up at night, take her out too. Be patient. Wait til she goes adn praise ehr again. Back in the crate wiht a small treat. First thing in the morning out you both go again. Give her the command and when she does it, praise. Again, let her do both and be patient. What you are trying to enforce is IF THERE IS A ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD, YOU DO NOT GO POTTY. Any time you cannot watch her she is in the crate. Preferably, if you work you can leave her outside so she is not stressed by holding it all day. Keep it up for about 3-4 days and she should be good as gold. Another thing with the crate. That is HER ROOM if you have small children let them know that they may NOT go into the crate. That way if the kids become too much for her she has an escape. Also, get her spayed will help. You know when you are coming on the rag how little bladder control many women have.
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