Dog food..........for a Cavachon

Dog food..........for a Cavachon

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QUOTE 5/6/2009 6:49:57 AM
I have a one year old Cavachon. She has become extremely fussy when it comes to feeding. I admit we give her table scraps once in awhile, but overall it seems she just won't eat what I put in her bowl. When we first got her lasy July, she was on the Iams puppy food, which she seemed to enjoy. Then about three months ago, she seemed to be getting tired of that food, so I switched to Alpo cans, which consisted of beef, chicken, etc, and that she loved, especially since it was actual slices of meat. Then a month ago she developed a bad case of diarreha, and the vet said to put her on ground beef and rice for a few days. That cleared up the diarreha, but since then we have been palying dog food roulette. I tried Purina dry food, wants no part of that. Ol' Roy moist food, not working. But give her a plate of my left over staek, and she cleans the plate. Any suggestions?

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QUOTE 5/7/2009 9:46:37 AM
hi, i would stop feeding her your food as she is getting to fussy keep putting down her food for her if she is healthy then after a bit she will start to eat her food dont give her a choice of yours or hers if she is that hungry she will eat her own food
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