how to stop her biting

how to stop her biting

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hi, i have a 5month old rottweiler and she is very nippy i say no to her but she just thinks im playing evan if i say it loudly, i have tryed squrting water at her but that does not bother her as she loves water. i was just wonrdering if any1 can help me or have any idea's thank you

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Everyone and everydog has teir own ideas of what works best. Here's 2 of the most common practices.
1. When your puppy starts nipping(or chewing on things not supposed to chew), tell her no. Then give her a toy or rawhidechew. My personal opinion is that this is rewarding her for biting you though this is a GREAT way to get her to quit chewing furn. etc.
2. When she nips, hold her muzzle closed for @ 10 seconds while telling her no firmly. DO NOT let her get loose until you release her. Then ignore her for a short time. This follows the behavior pattern of a dog pack. When a subordinate dog does something wrong in the alpha's eyes, he will grab the muzzle, covering it with his own and growl. The offending member is then ignored by the pack.
I personally prefer this method as it teaches the dog you are alpha as it teaches that this is unacceptable behavior. But as I said, BE SURE YOU DON'T ALLOW HER TO GET AWAY FROM YOU! YOU RELEASE HER!
Congradulations on you new friend and good luck with training!

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hi, i hold her mouth aswell but it does not seam to work she's not terrible at bitting but i dont want her bitting at all as she is getting big and quick its more wen i push her away or get her off the sofa she bites alot she HATES being picked up evan wen she was 8weeks when we got her!
and i dont no why?

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Well I can only say what worked for our dog. The trainer said that when he was a puppy we needed to train him like his mom would. (made sense to me) The trainer told me to grab his neck firmly but gently, turning his head to look him in the eyes and at the same time saying firmly NO BITING, as soon as he put his mouth on you.
We had a small (3 years old) granddaughter that we knew would be around our dog and we asked early what to do in order to prevent this type of behavior. We love our dog, but we wanted him to behave especially with children. He learned fast and we honestly didn't have to do that many times. To this day he is a wonderful dog and will growl to warn someone that is being too rough, and then he generally moves....but he hasn't ever bitten anyone!
This was two sided though....we also taught our granddaughter to be gentle with the dog!

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hi, thanks for the replay i think its just going to be trail and error with this little one

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My puppy chowchow tried a little nipping and also jumping on me. My solution was to buy a toy horn whistle
from the dollar store and blow is loud. She settled right down good luck Now all I have to do is show it
to her and she knows what I want.

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Some dogs are mouthy. By that I mean they use their mouth and put things in it when they are trying to communicate. Lots of GDS are this way. Many rotts are too. But what she has to learn is to redirect her behavior and to be beta or delta dog not alpha.The aggression is the easy part. When she tries to be alpha, grab her by the collar and lift ehr up on her back feet., Shake her slightly so she is working to stand and say NO! in a low deep tone. ( NO I do NOT mean shake her like a rag doll, Her mom would do this with an unruly pup. Just enough that she is more concerned with keeping her balance. She is still a pup so this should not be too hard.) Put her down when she looks away adnignore her for a few minutes. Then ask her if she would like to play ball. Mouthy dogs love to play ball Tug of war is another fun one. Let her win. SHe will learn that when YOU want to play youa re fun to be with. However, when SHE is unruly, you are not fun. A dog like this alos does well if she has a job. Teach her the names of objexts in the house and have her bring them to you. Like thte hammer, the newspaper, the purse, you can even teach a dog to choose the right magazine! It will give her an opportunity to share her talent of being mouthy. Good luck.
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