A old but fun story

A old but fun story

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Ok,around the time I joined this little website someone stared one of these.Here's how it went.

The first person will tell a story about their dog.The story can be funny, dangerous,exciting, anything you want.It has to be about your little pal with 4 legs. Your dog.

Then the next person does the same thing. Then the next, and so on.It sounds boring right? Wrong! I enjoyed this game very much.

I will start.

One time,my dog,shooby, was in the car with me.The window was down and the shoobster was enjoying it.When we parked, I opened the door to get out and shooby ran out! The worst part was that we were in a extremlly busy area!There were cars and people buzzing by Shooby was running by and almost getting hit by cars! Then I ran after him while screaming and yeling.Shooby heard me and tried to run to me but instead he ran to a bystander! He was safley returned and ya know what? We still got a chance to go to Petsmart.LOL!!

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OH MY GOSH im glad your dogs ok your suppose to keep a dog in a crate when you are driving it is dangerous if you dont!!!

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Ok, here goes:
Years ago, I decided to breed my 2 Lhasas (1 of the puppies is lying at my feet now, 15 years later). Any way, Didi's puppies stayed in a large airline kennel. Every time she came out to eat, drink or potty our neutered male cat, Festus would go in and babysit. He would lie down and wash pupies and even let them "nurse"! To this day, Taz still "Purrs" when being scratched and petted. Scares strangers until I explain my dog/cat! Lol.

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