maltipoo with eye problems

maltipoo with eye problems

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QUOTE 11/16/2008 9:06:37 PM
I have a white 10 month old maltipoo. She has long curly to wavy coat that will comb straight. I bathe her weekly and groom her daily. She has began to matte on her tummy and bottom. what is causing this? The biggest problem is her eyes have began to drain and stain pretty bad. I tried angle eyes that helped a little. It is expensive and really didnt do the trick. I have tried wipes and liquid you wipe on and off or rinse off nothing helps. Plus she really hates it. I know they bother her because she rubs them often or I see her rubbing them on the rug in the bathroom. What can I do?

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QUOTE 11/17/2008 12:15:02 PM
Is your dog white? The tear stains will show up pretty noticable on white and light colored dogs.

I have a white Pom and it's almost a given he's gonna have a little patch of discoloration under his eyes. I just use the $5 Exel brand cleaner from Petsmart daily and put a dab of vasoline to prevent any more run on.

There are so many treatments on the market internal and external...they even sell a white stick to cover it up visually.

It has alot to do with anything you're feeding them, along with water. If I wanted to stop giving the treats I do and only feed completely natural maybe it would clear up more. If you google tear stains you will get lots of info along with some expert tips on home remedies that show people use to keep them at bay. I put the corn starch peroxide formula on him once and was scared about the peroxide, so never did again.

As far as the matting that will be an ongoing chore. You can shave their underside and backside down. You have a mix of breeds that need the most extensive grooming unless you keep them in a puppy cut.

Maltese and Poodles also have the most extensive looking tear staining it seems, where they also have the saliva stains running down the face.

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QUOTE 11/18/2008 10:30:18 PM
You say the dog rubs her eyes a lot. Do you mean they are irritated all the time or as a result of trying to clean them? If they always seem irritated the vet should take a look to make sure she doesn't have an eye problem like entropion (eyelashes rubbing on the eye) or an infection. As Perfectpom stated, diet can also have an effect on tear staining.
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