dog food safety

dog food safety

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QUOTE 5/23/2013 11:21:08 AM
I read an interesting article yesterday that stated that putting your dogs food into a plastic container for storage is not a good idea as there are oils in the food that turn rancid from being stored in plastic and exposure to the air. Also that one should just buy enough food that it would be used up within 5-6 weeks, that after six weeks, the nutritional value of the dog food is substantially lower than when the bag is first opened. I guess for me, I will start keeping the food in the original bag and put that inside the storage bin, instead of dumping the whole bag in the bin where it can be contaminated.

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QUOTE 11/8/2013 3:30:37 PM
I am sending out a warning to everyone about the new waterer's made by Aspen Pet called La Bistro sold at Wall-Mart. The new design with the screw top contaminates the water. When the puppies drink and the air bubbles, it causes food dribble or what ever into the clean water supply. All USDA and every one I contacted said is we will fine you for the contaminated water. The company said we have made them for 21/2 years and haven't had a problem. The old La Bistro with the small neck, this is true! NOT THE NEW ONE! Please let others know because USDA and APHIS is concerned about the money, not the pets!
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