What is best to feed a 10 week puppy?

What is best to feed a 10 week puppy?

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I recently purchased a Scottish Terrier puppy who is 10 weeks old.  From past experiences with Scotties, I know they are very prone to food allergies.  My last dog (also a Scottie) was given steroids to treat his allergies, and I feel this caused significant damage to his health. With my new puppy, I would much rather be more educated about the best possible diet so he will not have to physically suffer the same way my other dog did.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the proper diet for a puppy as well as adult dog?  I would great appreciate any advice and experiences from other pet owners.


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Please check out Flint River


~Best quality dog food out there in my opinion ~Blessing's!


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   My friend who raises dogs feeds Blue Diamond which has no corn, wheat or soy, so very helpful for avoiding food allergies in your dog.   You get it at the pet stores.

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I like Taste of the wild brands, and also Diamond Naturals.. but we use all different foods including Natures Domain, Diamond ( large breed puppy, puppy, Sporting dog) depending on the weather, the weight of our dogs and special needs. We buy new foods once in a while, because feeding the same thing over time may also cause allergies.


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 If you go to usda.com and look at the actual analysisof dog foods, you will se the diamond brands consistently score lower in digestability. So does Science Diet. I use a locally made food that is meat based with no corn soy or wheat. Those three ingredients are the main booger in dogs suseptable to food allergies.

 If you want to cook your own food, use your slow cooker. Mix 1  chicken to 3 cup of brown rice, 1 can of chicken broth and water to fill. Slow cook until the chicken falls off the bones. Remove the bones. Add raw carrots and broccoli.  Feed about 1 cup in the morning and 1 in the evening. Once a week add a raw egg. You can also add chicken livers to the crock pot for more flavor. Make sure your bowl is labeled DOG FOOD so no one else eats it...

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Sounds like a great recipe Kathy. some really do like to make their own food, then you know what is in it, tho it is a bit more messy. 

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recently  a 9 month old pup was getting terrible diarrhea who was being fed Diamond for several months. He even got to the point of dehydration, needing an IV fluids.    they tried everything with different good foods, it would clear up for a day or two, then bam, back to it. owner was very concerned obviously. I suggested some things, new food choices, she tried but that did not help much either. then a friend of hers suggested using Bil Jacks low fat dog food and you know what, it was like turning off a switch. He was getting too much protein in those other good dog foods for his system and the reduced calorie food cleared up the scoots very nicely. So, just incase, maybe something to consider.

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Puppy hood is the stage of the life your puppy when he needs plenty of
the best dog food around. He is not likely to be picky with what he eats
but this doesn't mean that he doesn't need a properly balanced diet.
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