adopted abused chihuahua

adopted abused chihuahua

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QUOTE 4/22/2013 4:57:00 PM
I adopted a female Chihuahua from a home with 5 adults and 10 pit bulls. and I am noticing she is truly afraid of anything that has to do with affection or touching her. like when I try to pick her up to take her out to potty. she cowers in the floor as close as she can get and will dribble. if I go to pet her or love on her I get the same results. any idea on how to help her over come her fears.

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QUOTE 5/7/2013 10:10:09 PM
We are a small dog rescue and deal with "kennel dogs" al the time. First, she will get over it but it takes time. Give her a routine to follow. Something like, take her out for potty last thing at night, then crate her. In the morning do the same thing and YOU go out with her so you can praise her. Give treats like a small piece of hot dog a few times a day so she starts associating you with good things. With this kind of dog, never raise your voice. Does she make little grunting noises? This is dog talk. You can grunt back at her and see if she responds.
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