German shepherd puppy

German shepherd puppy

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I have bought german shepherd puppy pair, It's approximately 1 week old and doing good. Having milk almost 3-4 times daily. As I am first time user so I want to inquire that what should be the feeding pattern and recipes which can bring them up as a good looking dog, specially their ears, which should get erect within 10-12 weeks of age. Any other tips will be appreciated.

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 My first question is how old are they? Milk can cause diarhea in some pups unless it is goat's milk or milk replacer. Are they littermates? Id so, you should not breed them together as this will increase the likelyhood of genetic problems. The ears may not stand until the ups are 4 months old and then may go down while teething. The best diets contain no corn or soy and are high enough indigestable protein to satisfy the dog's nutritional needs. They will nedd vaccinations for distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and parvo at regular intervcals. OSme vets say 5, 7, 9 and 12 weeks of age. Other vets prefer 6,8,10,12 weeks. It just depends on whgat you vet recommends. They will also need a bordatella vacination. Again how often and at what age varies. I find it works best at 6 and 8 weeks but your vet may have a different schedule. Your pups need to be wormed as well. All pups have worms. Again, ask your vet what he/she prefers. I use panacur for 3 days at 4,6,8,10 weeks of age and then start them on a heartworm preventative at 12 weeks.  Pups need tpo stay wiht thier mom until they are 8 weeks old. Owever, sometimes that is not possible. If you are bottle feeding be sure to do it consistentlyt as they can only hadnle small amounts of food at each feeding. Be prepared if they are " Only a week old" to feed every 3-4 hours around the clock. ood luck and welcome! 
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