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so im going to be buying a dog for my 2 daughters for christmas but im looking in advance for breeders and you know tips so does any one have any tips like for when buying on line or at a pet store u know things i should watch out for as far as scammers what questions to ask to make sure im not getting a dog with serious heath problems and caring for the dog wat food wat grooming tips wats the best things to get for my dog training tips for a morkie (maltese and yorkie mix)



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QUOTE 8/29/2010 9:08:59 AM
 First, do NOT buy from a pet store. Most get their dogs from commercial breeders who raise tons of dogs in very small cages. Second, Christmas is very stressful time of yer. I would recommend getting a dog before or after. Third, many small breed dogs like morkies are prone to hypoglycemia as puppies. Speak to a vet about this condition. It is metabolic and MOST dogs out grow it. However, it is a very scarry condition and can be fatal if not treated immediately. 

 Rent the movie "Fluke" the dog in tha show was turned into an animal shelter as "untrainable". The story line is hokie but watch the dog action. Remember what they do is on cue from 10-20 feet away. Every facial expression, every turn or action is on cue. So much for untrainable. Then watch "Marley and Me", a great dog film to show you what you could get into if you do not have a clue on dogs. Personally, had I been the trainer in the clase, both owner and dog would have been set straight in about 5 minutes wihtout any pain on the part of either. 

 Decide now if you are going to have the dog in the house (should!) and if you want him to use puppy pads or go potty outside. The training methods are different. In the first one, you are asking him to relieve himself on a certain spot. An enclosed cat box with the piddle pad instead of cat sand works well for male dogs.  In  the second one, you are teaching him not to potty under a roof. See the difference? In either case, lots of praise and petting when he is good. If he soils in the wrong spot, clean it up and GROWL about the filthy wretched, disgusting, low life that soiled the house. Dogs understand words. There are products with enzymes to take away the smell adn the stain. DO NOT use pinesol or lysol around pets, especially cats as it gets into their system through  thier feet and can destroy thier kidneys.

 Having a dog is like having a 4-5 year old child. They are very smart and very good at manipulating you. Like a child they will need loads of prasie adn not too much punishment. Taking away their toys won't work but when they are especially evil, crating them and putting them in a corner does wonders IF USED SPARINGLY.( SImilar ot sending a kid to thier room)

 Speaking of crates, a crate can be the dog's room. When the kids get too much for the dog, he can go to his room and have a break. Demand the kids leave him alone when he is in his crate. Also, with very small dogs like morkies, too much handling or stress can set of a hypoglycemic episode so not too much"lovin'" from the kids the first few months.

 Having a dog is a great  experience. Good luck., Oh on foods, read some of the posts under nutrition. Get something with no corn or soy and you will save alot on poop pick up and skin conditions.

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Please please please do not buy from a petstore! If they sell puppies don't even walk in because those people are very good at selling them to you, online petstores are no better. First off you want to find a breed you're intrested in that would be good for your 2 daughters. Take into concideration their ages compared to the size of some dogs. If they are young a really tiny dog; chihuahuas, yorkies, maltese etc. may be too small and a huge breed like a great dane or mastif may be to large. Since it's your first time getting a dog I'd recomend a medium sized dog like a golden retriever or cocker spaniel. If your going to a breeder find out if the health test and make sure you can get information on the parents of the puppy. Good brands of dog food are usually the Holistic brands like Halo and Blue Buffalo. Your puppy will need to eat puppy chow for about a year before being slowley switched to an adult food. Find a good vet and he/she can help you with doggie nutrition and possiably finding a dog for you. Shelter dogs make great starter dogs! They are usually already housetrained,friendly, vetted, and fixed. There are always puppies avaliable at local shelters, they may be in foster care but dogs are always coming into shelters and need good homes. To find a shelter you can use or to save a dog from the pound try If you find a breed you really like try going to to find a reputal breeder. Stay clear of back yard breeders and look out for breeder red flags. Do plenty of research and talk to a vet in your area.

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How is buying online any better than buying from a pet store?  In both cases you are looking at breeders who don't care where their puppies are going.  How can I say that?  Well, um how much are they screening the prospective home - not at all.  They just want you to ante up the cash.

Additionally, Christmas is a horrible time to get a dog.. I'd suggest you plan on getting the puppy AFTER the holidays once things settle back into a routine and just give them lots of dog related stuff (like books to help educate them on the care and treatment of a dog prior to the pup coming home).

But, as people always think they know best despite all the information available from the pros.. I would suggest you visit the breed profiles in to look for info on the breeds that might suit your family as well as a pretty solid run down of questions to ask prospective breeders.

If your pup lives a normal lifespan - 14-16 years - then that means you will likely have your dog longer than your children will still be in your home (I'll bet one of them will be 18 within 16 years), you'll have the car or house your have now or, for that matter, your marriage.  With that being said, alot of consideration is warranted before taking that step.

Personally, as someone who has done training and rescue for over 20 years, I've yet to see a young family that was best suited by adopting a puppy.  Like babies they require ALOT of attention and time to rear into a great dog... time that adults with two young daughters just don't have.  Instead, I'd suggest you look for a dog that is around 3-4 years old, already assessed as having a great temperament, well socialized, good with well behaved kids and housetrained.  In those few words, do you have any idea how much easier it would make your life?


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I take offense at your statement that we as breeders do not care where our puppies go. And I believe you know you are posting on one of the biggest online pet sites around and you realize that this is how things are done these yes there are those who scam, but there are plenty of us who are good breeders and have excellent puppies to provide families. We always had puppies when our children were little and yes tho my kids are now out of the house the dogs remain, and we love their company. Animals are not a wastable commodity like a car, they are a lifelong committment. I am not saying an older pooch is not a good choice too, but a puppy is not necessarily a bad thing as long as people realize the committment. I always tell people that having a puppyin the house is like having a baby for the first year.

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 I too am a rescuer. That said I wish rescues and breeders could at least stop chewing on each other like a piece of raw meat fed to a ravenous dog!

   If there are NO BREEDERS in the US which is what some rescuers and the HSUS all are clamoring for, where are the public going to get their new puppies from? They don't grow on trees. I wish there was some way to freeze the pups and kittens born in summer and then thaw them out when a great home is found for them. That is obviously NOT possible. So what about not breeding when there are "so many" dying at the dog pounds etc.? Again, where will the public get their new pet from? Do you really think Mexico nwill have great animal protection laws?

 The majority of the breeders on this site are caring individuals who DO try to place their dogs in a loving perminent home. They paid for advertizing. Theya re not the ones selling to the brokers . I am sure not having to deal with the idiot public is a temptation. However, they do the best they can to find their babies the best home possible.

  Are there uncaring people who breed dogs out there? Of course, but there are also uncaring "rescues" who are just in it for the money and don't care about the dogs either. The biggest one is the HSUS.Some rescues charge exhorbitant fees and are very good at fund raising.But there are alos alot of us out there slogging in the trenches to make life a blessing for THIS dog and THIS family.

  Personally, I would rather see the breeders who are professionals be the ones who produce puppies. They stay at home studying breeding records, production records, nutritional guides, go to seminars and are there for their dogs instead of working a "regular" job while the bitch at home is having problems whelping her third pup. They are the ones who are doing genetic tests on their dogs to weed out the hereditary problems of their breed. If you have even a modest facility of 50-100 dogs, IT IS A FULL TIME JOB CARING FOR YOUR DOGS. SO, rescuers get off your high horse and help educate the public on stuff but don't slam the breeders in this country or any country trying to  produce healthy, happy, sound family pets.

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Thank you, Kathy and Dihart, for stating exactly what I was thinking!  Those of us who advertise on this site care deeply about where our puppies go, and you're right, it's a pain to deal with the public at times, but it's important to me to know exactly where my puppies are going and what kind of home they're joining.  People sometimes don't trust breeders, but it's a two way street:  I also want to learn about the family who will be purchasing my puppy and giving him/her a home for the next 16 years or so! We need to stick together, or organizations like H$U$ will tear us apart.

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I am not a first time dog owner, but other than adding to our family and giving a pet a  loving home I don't know much about finding a puppy. Over the years our dogs have more or less chosen us. We have always had three inside dogs, at this time we only have two and we are thinking of getting a new puppy. We have a yorkie and a silky. I had thought about a female silky to breed, not to sell the puppies but for family. After reading some stories on here I think that is not a good idea. I think we would like to get a rescue, breed is not as important to me as size. I notice some ads state the dog should be x number of pounds. I'm sure there is not an perfect way to tell if you don't see the parents, but is there a general rule? I would thank anyone for their input. 

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 Pet store pups are way over priced, you can get a very very well bred dog for the cost of what they are asking. I do feel sorry for the dogs as those pens are small and kids tap on the glass all day.  That is the typical set up anyway they have to get homes some how though, i just feel sorry for the folks that get them and the dogs because they cant understand and rarely can be housebroken.

 please, if you have a grand to blow find a good breeder. Most wont mix the breeds so find a hobby breeder that is local so you can visit the facility


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You have to be cautious about the different scams in dog breeds and buying it.Some dog sellers provide the mixed breeds and also the health condition may not be good.Also some dog shops provide the different breeds to our requirements.You can ask the trainers to buy the pure breed puppies so that there will no scam.For more about the dog breeds see Dog Training tips here


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there are more good behavior tips in this article, training your dog to be a good canine and behave

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Quote dihart:

there are more good behavior tips in this article, training your dog to be a good canine and behave
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