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QUOTE 4/28/2010 4:22:47 PM
Hello all, i am new to this site and need help on selecting a dog to extend the family.

I am looking for a low maintenance dog,i have a 7 year old daughter so need to be good with children.One huge worry for my husband and i,is that we work during the day so need our new dog to be content being left home alone.We are looking for a smallish dog but not a yapper or a dog that likes to bark a lot!We are also worried about breeds that can develop health problems!!So i gues you could say we are a little fussy but we are also wanting to make the right decision HELP PLEASE!


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QUOTE 4/28/2010 6:31:55 PM
 How many hours do you expect to leave the dog alone? Would the dog be in the house or outside? Adding a pet to your family is much like adding a child. There will be messes and hair, chewed things etc. You will need to teach your dog like you teach your child.

   Please see the movie "Marley and Me". That is an out of control dog but can give you sme ideas of the bad part of pet ownership. Then see the movie "Fluke" It is a hokey story line. What I want you to see is the dogs. The two main characters were turned into a dog pound as untrainable. Please remember on camera, EACH MOVEMENT of the dog is directed by a trainer standing 4 or more feet off camera. 

 Some of the better breeds for your family would be dachshunds, perhaps a poodle or poodle mix.Shelties and poms are yappers and shed gobs of hair.Terriers are bred to do a job. They hunt and kill vermin. They are good dogs but will find something to do if left alone.

  Would you consider 2 dogs? That way the dog has company when you are gone. It would be best if your weather is ok to leave them outside with access to shelter. A doggy door into a laundry room also works. What you don't want to come home to is a destropyed house adn poop everywhere. Some people crate their dogs when they are not home. However, imagine being an active person locked to your bed for extended time. Definitely NOT fun!

 DOg ownership  is a responsibility juts like having a child. But it is also extremely rewarding if done right. Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of dogs!

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QUOTE 4/30/2010 9:12:47 AM
japanese chins are about the non yappiest dog I know. But I agree that any animal left alone for hours on end will be a needy child when the family gets home, and can be destructive and lonely when they are gone. I agree that 2 dogs  keep each other company, they are after all, pack animals.
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