new puppy care

new puppy care

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Long story short, my brother rescued a female American Bulldog, who we realized was pregnant.  We are first time dog owners, and first time dealing with birth and new puppies.  The birth went great, and have 4 healthy babies!  They are about 24 days old.  Their eyes are open and are walking around, I was wondering if someone could tell me if or when we're supposed to let them walk around outside or atleast outside of their "shelter" which is their own room in the house.  Thanks for the help! We really appreciate it!


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Not until they are at least 6 weeks old and have had their first round of vaccines.  Puppies have to have the heat level, and be protected.  At 4 weeks, you can take them away from mom for short periods of time, just not outside.  Don't use any ammonia based or pine scents around them.  Keep cedar away from them, too.  Be sure these pups get the the kennel cough vaccine, too.  It's really hard on the squashed in face type of dogs.  Don't leave them out by themselves, of course.  When you wean them, get some old cotton socks, tie a knot in the center, and give them to them for toys.  /Whenever you vaccine or start weaning, give them a little Dyne.  It tastes good and helps keep them from stressing and losing weight.

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