Is the Akita right for me?

Is the Akita right for me?

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QUOTE 1/19/2010 2:55:13 PM
I would like to own a Akita i love everything about the breed, but i'm a first time dog owner. I have spent a lot of time with my friends dogs. I understand the traning and the dissaplining but i'm unsure of the dog breed. See I want a big loyal dog who is intelegent and had the ability to get along with a cat and a beareded dragon. I'm only 17 and it will be a few years before i actually am able to own a dog but the earlier you start to think about something like this the better right?

Of all the dog breeds i have read the akida is the best, but they have long fur and i live in Albuquerque New Mexico, which is really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter. Akida's need lots of exersize (so i've read) but would he or she get over heated in the summer?

plz help!

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QUOTE 1/19/2010 5:07:16 PM
Akita's are absolutely not a first time dog!!!!  I am a certified master groomer and a vet tech. These dogs take a of training and the right kind of handler.  They have aggression issues and are not good with small kids.  If you get one make sure you get one from a good breeder with sounds dogs.


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 Rarely is an akita good with cats. I have been involved with Akita Rescue since 1979 and went through the "yuppy puppy" phase where almost every other dog in the dog pound was an Akita. They are beautiful dogs BUT they are bred to hunt and KILL a bear. Two Akitas can bring down a grizzly. They are an energetic breed so be prepared for lots of LONG walks if you don't have  a large, well fenced yard. They chew alot as puppies and will eat a couch given the chance. Many are still overly dog aggressive. They are not a good breed with small children. They have very powerful jaws that can crush bone. The dog fighters left them alone mainly because they kept eating their pit bulls. If you like the look, Shiba Inus are very similar but don't have the agression issues.
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