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QUOTE 10/20/2009 4:20:56 PM
ive never had a dog before but ive been looking at different breeds, and i found a hybrid called a Beabull, its a cross betweeen a beagle and an american bulldog. I was wondering if anyone had any information on this breed? thanks! :-)


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QUOTE 10/20/2009 7:14:29 PM
the truth..... all designer dogs are mutts, typically not always but typically produced by mills or accident and then the "breeders" come of with some catchy name so they can sell them for more money (often times more than the purebred dogs that produced them) so do yourself a favor and check out your local shelters, they are full of cute mutt dogs that really need a home and then you can come up with your own catchy name.

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QUOTE 10/21/2009 7:59:16 AM
         I would call that a very simplistic reply to her question about Beabulls, that the mix is an accident or a scheme by "mills" to make tons of cash off of the "OOPS, Look what the dogs did"....all purebred dogs came from a mixture of canine bloodlines way back when and have been refined into the (sometimes too shallow) gene pool that they are now. Actually there are many crosses that are very purposefully done because as the characteristics of the 2 breeds, in some peoples estimations,  can be enhanced by each other. They tend to have less of the health issues that can effect the purebred bloodline, and many people enjoy their "designer" companion pups just as much as a purebred or a mutt. Most "designers" are the result of crossing 2 purebred full blooded breeds to produce that pup.

     Don't get me wrong, I am not putting down the dogs that are at the shelters, they are also good campanions and a viable option as a pet-companion for any person. But don't lump the crosses into a  money scheme of no value or worth.  I have had both type of canines in my life and loved them all.

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QUOTE 10/21/2009 12:07:57 PM
I actually know a bit about "Bea-bulls" or now a more popular term is "Bullies". I have a friend that raises Boxers, that also raises this cross. I wouldn't call him a puppymill, as he takes good care of his dogs, and they are not in kennels 24/7, but he does have in the 30-40 dog range, but he has a ton of children that help with the animals.

I know my friend started raising them to be a healthier version of the Bulldog, just like Puggles (which I raise) are supposed to be a healthier version of the Pug.

Don't knock these mixes, when Bulldogs and Pugs are some of the most unhealthy purebreds you will find. Ranked #1 and #2 by OFA for having hip dysplasia.-- amongst many other serious issues that both breeds can have.

In MY OPINION and it is just that, the Bully's are not nearly as cute as the Puggles. They are bigger and it seems that most of their bodies are short, fat and sqaut like a bulldog, but unfortunately the tradmark Bulldog face is gone. It looks more like the Beagle. Which isn't suprising, it is un-natural for dogs to have such flat faces, so that is the first thing to go when you mix it with a long muzzled breed.

My friend has done second generation crosses, a "Bully" bred back to a bulldog (F1B, in hybrid lingo) Those are a lot cuter. They are 3/4 Bulldog, so of course they look nearly like Bulldogs.  At least Olde English Bulldogs.

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