Dogs and Cats Together?

Dogs and Cats Together?

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QUOTE 7/7/2009 3:24:03 PM
Recently I have been thinking about getting a dog.  My fiancee and I are leaning towards getting a Weimaraner.  Fortunately she has a great deal of experience with owning a dog...I've had 5 cats throughout my years but no dogs.

We currently own 2 cats and the Weimaraner info page says that they do not get along with cats.

I must admit I don't understand.  Our plan would be to acquire the dog while it is still a puppy.  If the dog is introduced to the cats when it is very young, and grows up with the cats, will it still not get along with them?

From what I've seen with my friend's dogs is that they are very passive towards cats as long as they grow up with them.

Can anyone offer some advice on this subject?


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QUOTE 7/7/2009 7:51:43 PM
Some dogs and cats can get along fine together. Other dogs have a higher "prey drive" and are not suitable in a home with any other small animals.

For instance, we were kind of thinking about getting a ferret, but instead went with a guinea pig. Why? Not because of the Boxers, they could care less. Our 5 pound Yorkie would have probably eaten a Ferret, or it would at least have been a constant worry. With a smaller animal that has quick movements.

Bottom line, not all animals go together.


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QUOTE 7/8/2009 7:35:23 PM
Personally if they say they don't get along well with cat's believe it. Even if your friends dog does fine, that doesn't mean the puppy you get will grow up to be fine with the cats.  Some dogs even when raised with cats simply do not like them or are to rough with them.  There are many other breeds that do very well with cats. 

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QUOTE 7/15/2009 2:46:31 PM
As a follow-up to my previous question.  What is the feasibility of owning both a dog and cats when there is a risk the dog cannot be trained to be nice to the cats?

Has anyone ever been in this situation?  I would prefer the dog to be an 'indoor' dog when we are at home and kept in a garage/kennel (large and cooled) when it is alone.  If I let the dog in and it does not particularly get along with the cats is it even possible to maintain that kind of home?


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QUOTE 7/23/2009 6:41:27 PM
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QUOTE 7/29/2009 1:41:21 AM
dogs and cats can get along wonderfully! we have 2 australian shepherds a rat terrier and a cat. talk to some trainers in your area, when you get the pup get a trainer to come out to the home and help train the pup to be good around the cats. good luck!


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QUOTE 9/18/2009 3:52:23 AM
 We have a dog rescue. We also have 2 cats that are very good at testing the new dogs for suitability. We let the dogs in the play area. The cats walk on the outside and we watch to see what happens. Most of the dogs learn real quickly to ignore the cats. Those that don't are placed in catless homes.

  A weimaraner is a hunting dog. Some of them are ok with cats, some are not. I would introduce an OLDER cat to the pup. One that has experience with dogs and a full set of claws. The dog will learn quickly to leave the cat alone. You will be reenforcing the cat's behavior. Tell the dog to leave him alone. When the pup goes for the cat, the cat will scratch him. Then  you repeat the command leave him alone. It usually only takes one or two times.

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QUOTE 10/7/2009 7:21:18 PM
I think that if you introduce the cats when the Weimaraner is a puppy everything should be fine. As long as he is well socialized and trained, he will obey boundaries. They say proper socialization can alleviate these traits. I guess it comes down to how good you are at training your pup?


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QUOTE 11/24/2009 5:15:54 PM
FACT: Gentle, sweet-natured, or lazy dogs are more likely to be good with cats than strong-willed, active, alert dogs.

FACT: Strong-willed cats that stand their ground and hiss and spit, or swipe with a paw, are more likely to cope with a new dog, than the timid sort that run from everything.


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QUOTE 11/24/2009 5:17:59 PM
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QUOTE 12/6/2009 7:58:40 PM
You can do that, but if it creates noise or trouble inside the house then do not buy it the next time around. Do not buy more dogs than cats or vice versa. This can cause trouble inside the house. Also you must check on the behavior of the cat first towards the dog before buying one.

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