Ouestion for breeders/sellers

Ouestion for breeders/sellers

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QUOTE 7/28/2013 4:33:01 PM
NDP stated they are getting a lot more traffic to the site, and I was wondering if that has made a difference to the breeders that list on here?
Have any of you noticed an increase in interest in your pets listed for sale?
With the newer format in the PuppyMatch section are the buyers responding better to us (the seller)?
I made a suggestion that a question be asked on PuppyMatch where the prospective buyer state a cost amount they wish to invest in a new puppy. I believe that will be a big help to the seller, if the buyer list $100.00 for a pet.....
It would also be great if the prospective buyer knew the cost of shipping, but sadly most buyers do not know it is such a huge expense.

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QUOTE 8/20/2013 9:16:57 PM
I am not sure that I see any increase in clients contacting back thru the puppy-match.
I too wish people understood ship costs, it is nearly $400 now for a size two crate including everything needed to ship. So when they say they have no preference for delivery mode but only want to spend $500 total, its just impossible.
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