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Well it looks like it works to me.

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no its all wrong everything about this site is wrong! check ur balance on your credit card everyone should know how much they take

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I have NEVER had a problem with this site taking money out of my account that I did not authorize.

There have been times when in error I chose the wrong button when I was trying to boost an add (choosing the $1.00 instead of the $5.00 feature) and NDP will NOT let you credit the $1. toward the $5. The buttons OFTEN automatically choose a cost for you...so I have learned to be VERY careful to make sure I select the $5. option. But that was my error not NDP.

If you choose the monthy membership, then YES they will reach into your checking account EVERY month and withdraw the fee....BUT that is an option you have to choose.

I have never had a major issue with NDP, some irritation...but nothing serious.

I have always been able to get in touch with them, granted it sometimes takes 2 or three days and additional emails, but the issue has always been resolved.

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Quote vannah25:

no its all wrong everything about this site is wrong! check ur balance on your credit card everyone should know how much they take

You have already been in contact with our customer support department.  We have reviewed your account and the only charge that has occurred on your account is a $5 ID Verification fee.  You passed ID Verification and were awarded a free featured ad, which equals the $5 fee you were charged to become ID Verified. 

We take a lot of pride in offering one of the safest websites in our market.  We try to keep NextDayPets free from scams, and ID Verification is one of these steps. 

So we can help you better, have you identified other charges on your credit card?  We can assure you the only charge is a $5 fee, and this is not a recurring charge. 

From reviewing your emails you mentioned you were upset because no one could view your contact information.  You currently have a basic membership, which means if someone is interested in one of your puppies, they will have to upgrade to contact you.  If you would like to make your contact information freely available, we offer 3 subscription plans which you can view here: http://www.nextdaypets.com/assets/info/advertising/

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would like to keep you as a member of NextDayPets.


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