Question for fellow breeders

Question for fellow breeders

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QUOTE 12/1/2009 9:21:08 PM
I just have a quick question.    We have never had this problem before and I don't know how to handle it.   I have a gentleman who told us a week before the puppies were born that he was sending us his deposit to hold one.   The puppies were 2 weeks old before we got half of his deposit.   They are now going on 6 weeks old and we still haven't received the rest of the deposit.   I finally told him 2 days ago that we needed it immediately or I was listing the puppy.   He said he put the check in the mail yesterday - not overnight, just regular mail.   I don't feel comfortable with this guy anymore as I'm pretty sure he has lied to us several times and I'm just getting a bad vibe.   He is overly friendly on the phone and honestly calls me up to 3 times a day to check on his puppy.    How can I get out of this situation?   Any advice would be appreciated.   Thanks!

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QUOTE 12/2/2009 2:07:32 AM
The longer you breed the more often the "weird" problems are going to crop up. As this has happened to me more than once....I would advise you allow a reasonable amount of time for his money order to arrive, if it has not arrived --RELIST THE PUPPY.  Inform the gentleman that your finance will not allow you to continue to hold the current puppy for him.

Also, as deposits are NON REFUNDABLE you will kindly credit his deposit to the purchase of a future puppy...IF future puppy is purchased within (set a specific number of months)

If all else fails....give him the run around that he is giving you, just remember to do everything via email so you have a copy to back what you have offered.

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QUOTE 12/2/2009 6:48:33 PM
I did not know you have a foram.  I see that I am not the only person who gets a a person who says they are going to send a deposit and never do; all kinds of excuses.  Of course I can not save a pup without deposit.   A situation I had recently is that a lady sent a small deposit and emails daily about the pup.  Says she is going to come and just chats away like we are good friends.  Well the pup is 2 mo. older now and she has still not completed her deposit.   I finally told her I am going to relist the pup.  I explained too, when I held pup on good faith for two months that is was getting older and now was going to be hard to sell .  She wants her money back.   So what was said about deposits are non refundable and to apply deposit to a future pup is GOOD ADVICE!   There are lots of situations that occur, a person emails me every time I have a new litter of pups. Saying she wants this particular one.  Hold for her as money is in mail.  It never came.  I advised priority mail for me to sign for but she did not.  Now for the third time she said she wanted a particular pup.  And I confronted her saying, "Hey I remember you."   I told her that this is the third time you have asked me for a pup.  Two times previously, you failed to send deposit.  I can not save pup for you without deposit.  She got really mad and made all kinds of excuses.  I blocked any future email from her, she was a pest,  not really wanting a pup. Don't have time for that.  There are some  mentally challenged people out there. So handle kindly and just sell  your pups to honest sincere people.

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QUOTE 12/2/2009 10:42:07 PM
If the guy is giving you bad vibes then do not sell him the puppy. Why put one of your babies into a home with someone you are not completely comfortable with. Trust your gut on this one. I would return the deposit to him.

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QUOTE 12/3/2009 3:18:28 PM

Quote logancreekkennel:

If the guy is giving you bad vibes then do not sell him the puppy. Why put one of your babies into a home with someone you are not completely comfortable with. Trust your gut on this one. I would return the deposit to him.
Very good response!! If you are in ANY way uncomfortable with this person (which you have a right to be) I would not want one of my babies going into a home where I wouldn't want to go.

Just relist your puppy and offer to refund the deposit, state a specific amount of time for you to refund it - such as 60 days, because (with puppies) that deposit was spent on puppy expense as soon as you got it.....  

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QUOTE 12/3/2009 9:25:42 PM
           I  know breeders who have different approaches to refunding deposits or how much they ask for a deposit in the first place. Some people only ask $150 to $200 for any given deposit. I would make that unrefundable right from the start. If people want you to hold a puppy for them, they have to be willing to really consider being invested in that puppy.

           We ask 1/2 of the price of our puppies as a deposit, so that I know the new owners are really invested in that puppy (of course if someone is having a cash flow issue for a week or two, I will compromise for some days also, with the understanding that it is all paid w/in certain time. But not just extend it out for weeks on end). I also require that people have their payment  arrive within 2-3 days or I will not hold the ad back. Depending on how far away they are, out on the west coast maybe, they need to send me a NEXT DAY Mailing thru the post office.   

       I do refund in graduated amounts depending on the age of the puppy at the time they withdraw from the committment, and it says so on my agreement. You cannot just hold puppies for people opened ended and wait on them, what happens when that puppy is now too old to sell, do they consider that that pup may never get his true permanent home.

       Course even the best plans can get mucked up will have people give you personal chacks and they can bounce and that runs into check charges for you (who needs that).  Or those who caontact you and then not again for several more days, but express "I'm really interested and want this puppy"  and in the mean time they expect you to conitnue to hold while you do not hear from them for another week.(have had a lady from Canada giving me this run around for the past several weeks.....forget it, that puppy is still and has continued to be  listed). Kills me when those people are the ones indignant that you sold that pup. You run into all kinds selling puppies. Most people are good, and really do want the dog, but there are some who delinately should have thought longer and harder about it.

    Don't refund the money.

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QUOTE 12/4/2009 2:06:13 AM
 We have a rescue.  The majority of our dogs come from dog auctions. Sometimes we get moms with pups. We list the pups when they are 6 weeks old. If someone wants a pup, or even an adult dog for that matter, we used to just hold them for 2 weeks with no deposit. That got old real fast.If you drive by a Chevy dealer and see a red minivan you like you don't go in and ask the salesman to hold it for you for x days without a deposit.Same deal with a dog. It is not fair to the dog to miss a good home for a future promise of "maybe".Plus, there are alot of scary people out there. If your gut feeling is no then say so. 

 I also have to make you all laugh. The request we most often get is for a small dog, over 6 months but under 1 year, housetrained, nonshedding, good with kids, cats and guarenteed not to mess up the house. They want it spayed, up to date on it's shots, never in need of vet care, doesn't eat too much,and only barks when necessary, good watchdog. Oh, yes, and can I come down on our adoption fee.

  I smile and ask if 2 out of three is good enough. Our dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on their shots and have been wormed. They may or may not be good with kids/cats. We do screen them with the neighborhood kids and our cats. If the potential adoptor keeps going I refer them to Walmart where they have the perfect dog.... you only need to change the batteries!

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QUOTE 12/4/2009 5:45:57 PM
I just filled this all out and then I got signed out!   BLAH!!!!

Thanks for all the great advice!   I have decided that this guy isn't going to get my boy.   

I finally got the remainder of his deposit yesterday.   They puppies are 6 weeks old and we have held the puppy for him since a week before they were born.  7 weeks!!!!   I received a starter check from him with nothing on it - not his name, address, phone number, nothing!   This guy is so strange.   The bank advised me not to accept it.  

He calls me at least once a day and if I don't answer he will keep calling back.   I hate that he makes me avoid my phone.   Really?   How much can a puppy change in one day?    If I answer he will keep me on the phone for an hour - seriously, an HOUR!     I usually avoid him for three or four days before I finally talk to him.   I feel like a horrible person but he acts like we are best friends and will keep me on the phone while he does nothing.   If he is this bad now, can you imagine what he will be like for the next 10 years while he has one of our pups???    And apparently, this guy doesn't believe in e-mail.   Who doesn't e-mail?

I have another family that is wanting two of our pups together, one of which is the one this guy thought he was getting.   This family sounds normal and stable, so they are getting him instead.   Now, I just have to tell this guy.    AAAAAh, I dread it!   I am not good at this kind of stuff.    But, I am done with him now.   He has made me change my screening process.   I dread having to go through this again.

Thanks again for all the advice!   Sorry, if you are the one this guy goes to next.  
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