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QUOTE 11/4/2009 11:31:43 AM
Hey everyone! I'm back with an update for you.

We have discovered and fixed a glitch in our email filter system. We are now receiving 100% of the emails you send in. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Your feedback allowed us to find and solve this problem, so thank you. Have a great Wednesday!!

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QUOTE 11/21/2009 4:36:36 PM
Put the PuppyMatch profile's back the way they used to be with all the info on ONE page.  It will cut down the amount of time needed to contact potential buyers. 

Make PuppyMatch easier for all involved.  Make it VERY SIMPLE.  Easy to access, easy to navigate, easy to use.  Simplify everything. 

I'd be happy to see all the extra links, advertising, etc. be removed from certain pages.  I don't come to NDP to shop for merchandise.  If I want merchandise, I'll go to Walmart, Petsmart, or one of the other local stores.  I'm here solely to try to sell our pups. 

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QUOTE 11/22/2009 9:37:37 PM

Quote pup759:

I would like to be able to see if the buyer wants to pickup, ship or no preference without having to click on their match. Since it takes so long to load up this makes it very time consuming to click on a match and then find out I am too far away. Thanks for some of the other changes made.
THIS is my one really hitch with the puppymatch set-up,  it woudl be so much better to let us see,  on the front page IF they will accept shipping,  NP  or pick-up only. That is the only thing that is not on the front page that would determine If I want to contact them or let someone closer do that. I have DSL so downloading the page is not really a factor, but I would be able to sail by one that I cannot provide what they, the new potential owner,  are asking.

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QUOTE 11/23/2009 4:48:48 PM
I have learned to live with the scammers and I do not feature puppies on weekends anymore. Whatever can be done about this is great, I hope that everyone got to see the email I got from a scammer thanking me for the wonderful puppy pics he is able to steal, he also commented on how he is from Cameroon and loves ripping off the white Junks.

My most frustrating issue is not being able to push my feautured adds, I can feature the add and then when I attempt to push it I get errors and I must start over. On 1 occasion I never was able to push my adds for a full 10 hours! That was a waste of $25 for the day as I featured 5 adds, now today it has happened again, and I also featured 5 adds today as well. I sent an email to NDP asking if they could give me a $25 credit to re-feature the next day as they admitted they were having server problems but they didn't reply.

The sliding Puppy Match box was a large pain! Thanks for cutting back on that.

I have the same time out issue, if I don't click something on the page frequently I time out in 15 minutes flat and have to login again.

One more thing, about adding pictures, when you remove old pics and post new ones the last picture you removed stays on the add, you have to go back in and remove that last old pic, so if you load 10 new pics you will get 9 new ones and the last old one on display. Weird.

I am with everyone else about all the merchandise advertising, this is disappointing to wade through tons of adds to see the puppies.

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QUOTE 11/23/2009 5:13:27 PM
I agree with the credit. I also can not bump up my featured ads for the past few hours and Monday is normally a very busy day.

I feel something should be done. It isn't fair that we are wasting our money.

Also I would like it if the featured upgraded ads were allowed to have video. Very few are utilizing that feature because they have to be a "preferred member".

How about for $5 per ad.... that makes us preferred. It would be nice, but in all actuality most breeders are still adding links to Youtube videos anyway.

AND can't just anyone add a video in the "share" section? If you were worried about server space, then why allow just anyone to post a video, and not people paying $20 per month + $5 per day?

I find that a little irritating..... and it is all about these new products and insurances.

What other members also may want to know..... any time someone contacts you via E-mail, Nextdaypets sends them an e-mail about their insurance and in order to get the insurance they should be asking the breeder to mark the puppy as sold on nextdaypets and then they get this "insurance".

I woudn't have known that, but I contacted a friend through Nextdaypets about one of her puppies, and I got one of these e-mails.

Honestly, I still think the new changes on this site are less about helping the breeders sell puppies (AND THE BREEDERS SHOULD BE NEXTDAYPETS #1 PRIORITY, since we pay the majority of the money and WE ARE THE CUSTOMERS), but these new changes just seem geared for Nextdaypets to make money on other things besides advertising  puppies.


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QUOTE 11/28/2009 1:14:53 PM
Well, after discussing my many NDP issues with my brother, his professional opinion was that many of my problems were with my browser and not my computer or NDP. Granted some of the problems are within NDP, but my brother convinced me to change my browser to Firefox and it has made a WORLD of difference. I am able to access many more options, my adds upgrade and bump smoothly and I get no more errors pages, the pages within the site scroll smoothly (not jerky like before) and the pictures load properly, and EVERYTHING loads a lot faster. I realize that changing browsers (I was using Explorer) is not a solution for everyone, and heaven knows the thought of changing browsers will scare some people to death, but the suggestion was explained to me by my brother who has years of schooling in computer science and programming. Almost 100% of my issues have been solved by my change to Firefox, I am not promoting Firefox in anyway and the ONLY reason I even mentioned it is because this information might prove useful to NDP technicians and help solve issues for those using other browsers. Just my 2 cents worth and I am glad I made the change! I was about to fire NDP for good, I fired Internet Explorer instead!


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QUOTE 11/30/2009 1:00:25 PM
This is so AGGRAVATING!!!  I'm STILL getting logged out every 10-15 minutes!!!!

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QUOTE 11/30/2009 3:44:14 PM
That is about the amount of time it takes for me to get booted off site.

I just don't know what can be done about the problem, as NDP is able to figure out some of the problems -- but not the time out issue. 
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