Pet insurance or not to pet insurance?

Pet insurance or not to pet insurance?

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With the growing mentality that pets are family members coupled with veterinary technological advancements, pet insurance is rapidly gaining popularity in the US and North America. Pet insurance was created to save pet owners from having to make that gut wrenching decision between their pet’s health and their wallets. Coverage is typically for accidents and illnesses and usually covers 80-90% of the veterinary bill.

Some people might argue that setting aside a savings account for veterinary purposes (in essence, self-insuring) is the better choice. And in some cases, that might work out. I'm not going to argue that pet insurance is the answer for everyone. However, veterinary treatments can run into the thousands these days, and it could take a few months, if not a few years, before this kind of cash was sitting in your bank account. With pet insurance, all you have to worry about is being able to cover your monthly premium, the coinsurance (your portion of the veterinary bill), and a deductible (if you have one).

No matter how reputable a breeder is or how healthy of a line of dogs that your dog comes from, accidents and illnesses can still come up at any time. Puppies especially tend to be somewhat more accident prone than older dogs. Just when you turn your head, they’ve fallen off the edge of the deck or swallowed your sock.

I'm interested to hear what types of pet insurance experiences you have actually had; the good, the bad, and the ugly!  Please share...

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