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QUOTE 7/25/2009 3:54:36 PM
Has anyone else noticed that the new NDP website sucks???

Also notice that it is Saturday afternoon and it is IMPOSSIBLE to sell dogs because their site is down and you cannot click on a dog to view their information. YEP they will take your money and let you place ad's but then if someone actually wants to look at your dog, all they get is an error message.

YEP that's why you aren't selling dogs this weekend. People can't view your dogs. I've sent in 4 emails to NDP's but none have been replied to. I'm sure nothing will even be done till Monday. For as much money as these guys steal they should at least have a tech working on the weekend!!!!


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QUOTE 7/27/2009 9:32:53 AM
well at least it is finally up and running. You were not the only one trying to do work this weekend. I think the new site is fine, had some glitches, but they are working on  responding to feedback or have worked them out. Maybe it's not perfect but none of them are.

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QUOTE 7/27/2009 9:45:42 AM
I can't tell that the site is up and working this morning, it won't open any puppies ads. I don't like the new NDP, I think they really messed up when they done the changes. If the customers are having as much trouble with NDP as the breeders are then they don't have to stay on the site, they will go to another site to purchase their puppies. I am looking for another site to advertise on as well, I think this weekend is unbelievable that they didn't have a technician taking care of the problem. I am very disappointed in NDP


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QUOTE 7/27/2009 9:49:33 AM
I find it irritating that I am paying for a site that was not advertising my puppies for a number of days. I think it would be nice if they gave everyone a free feature, or extended our upgraded time by the number of days the site was down. It is not fair if we were being "charged" during that time.

I can now access puppy ads again, and I do like most of the updates.


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QUOTE 7/27/2009 10:44:01 AM
I have to say that it was VERY frustrating to discover I had spent $30 to bump and place new ads that customers could not view.  As everyone knows, weekends are the best time for puppy sales, and I just lost an entire weekend of advertising and hundreds of dollars in potential earnings.  I understand there are going to be problems, but the site has been down since Thursday evening...I think it was briefly working Friday, but not the entire day.  During that time, the site still allowed sellers to place new ads and relist old ones (at $5 a pop).  They should have locked everyone out to prevent this from happening.

About the new format...it looks nice, but the only thing I really like is the ad position display.  I don't like having to place ads and relist ads one at a time.  I used to create all of my ads in one evening, then post them the next morning.  I do not see a feature where I can save an ad without paying for it now.  My pictures never save the first time when I create a new ad.  I have learned to skip this step, then go through the edit menu to add pictures.  Even bumping the ads seems to take longer.  Overall, I am not very happy with the new format.  I hope they will take these things into consideration and work to improve it.  I also hope that they will do the right thing and refund or give credits for the ads that were purchased from Thursday - Sunday. 


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QUOTE 7/27/2009 10:59:29 AM
I was unaware that the site was down because it was letting me relist my puppies.  I feel that, as subscribers, we should have been notified.  I can hardly navigate around the site because there are so many pop ups.  Also, I've noticed a huge decline in ad responses and I feel that it is highly due to PuppyFinder.  My mother-in-law logged in to look at my puppies and could never find them.  She said that it wouldn't let her view the puppies, that she had to submit all of her info first.  I think people think they have to submit their info and we will find them.  I don't have time to respond to hundreds of puppyfinder ads, this is why I place a listing!!!  NOT IMPRESSED!!!

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QUOTE 7/27/2009 11:53:23 AM
Oh, that is true, those puppymatch pop ups are annoying, and having to fill out all the info will surely turn off other customers so they just go elsewhere.

Because I feature and relist frequently, this site still works well for me (when it is up). It is still my #1 website.


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QUOTE 7/27/2009 8:34:48 PM
This is the website where I get most of my response form, that being said, I am

VERY unhappy with the changes. It's a tough enough sell right now with the way the economy is and then to have a website that first of all does a complete transformation overnight with no warning, then you are unable to upoad pics without major issues, then I was unable to login to edit my ads, I even went thru the steps for lost password and still couldn't log in, it took a phone call the next day to be able to edit my ads. Then over the weekend the website was down for the most part. I am a mother who works full time, has two young children and a hobby farm to run - this is getting very inconvenient for me! I am going to goole puppy classifeds and list with the first 5 places that come up - I may not have the results I'm used to getting - but if everyone gets disgruntled enough and does it I think we will start seeing results. No contact form the webmaster when these things happen, it would help if they offered a month free - or SOMETHING - for the lost time involved with their site overhaul..........


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QUOTE 7/28/2009 3:01:15 PM
It go's to show you that thay arn't concerned with the buyers or sellers whom, the site was desighn for. We don't need all their fluff to sell their stuff! Can't they see how much money let alone respect lost by leaving the site a mess. A puppy find site is to find a puppy! We can't find let alone sell a puppy!

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QUOTE 7/28/2009 3:47:22 PM
I am getting that stupid security question on every page again.  I really wish they would get their ducks in a row.  I was willing to tolerate some of the stuff that comes with a new site design but its starting to get monotonous.  The only new features I like are more pictures and the pause button but those are things they could have insituted on the old format and not this non user friendly one. 

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QUOTE 7/30/2009 4:19:33 AM
 I blamed it on my computer... then I used a high dollar computer at the Library and still could not post pictures. I refer people to anothr website I advertise on for pictures or just email them the most recent ones. I cannot get the "sold" menu to work at all. People were excited about getting a month of "free" health coverage in case their new pet got sick but this feature does not work either. I used to get 30-40 emails a day from NDP. Now I am lucky to get 2-3. I am seriously considering canelling my subscription. Buyers are salso having difficulties seeing the dogs and getting tehir computers to work with this new site. 

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QUOTE 7/30/2009 8:59:32 AM
Wow, how many puppies do you have and feature every day??? I know I may get 2-3 e-mails on a good day featuring an ad, and I do bump it up to the top FREQUENTLY ALL DAY, in to the night. I am more expensive than most though....

You aren't that granny selling puppies on here for $199 are you?? That lady one of the straight up puppymills! Kidding..... but you must have a few to get that number of responses.

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