Why is it so much slower?

Why is it so much slower?

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QUOTE 7/6/2009 2:01:16 PM
Many customers had commented in the past that the site was slow, that was before the changes, now it is painfully slow (I have DSL). My 2 biggest concerns is that load time is horrible, people won't stay and wait around while a page loads, they will go somewhere faster. It is also hard for us the breeders because getting information to load into the site and then editing the information is nerve racking. My other gripe is that after you feature an add you have the ability to "push" the add every so often, well when you attempt to push the page it hesitates and then it gives you an error message, so now you have to slowly navigate back to your account because that is the only link available from the error page, when you get the account page loaded you have to figure out where to start over with your add pushing, this happens to me with 80% of the pushes. I hate featuring adds now.

 I went to Alexa.com and looked at the stats for Nextday Pets, they are still holding okay for rank but they do comment that Nextday's load time is "slow" and is in the bottom percentile for speed. The leading competitor is ranked "fast" for load time. I have had several issues with the new site but these 2 problems cause me the most grief.


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We are always working to make the site faster for your convenience. Are there particular pages that are loading much slower than others for you?


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It may just be your computer because the new changes are much faster on my computer.

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