Suggestion On Contact Form

Suggestion On Contact Form

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QUOTE 7/3/2009 1:40:40 PM
I just read the contact seller form and I think it requires too much info.  Granted some of it could be useful and if they fill it out fine but I would rather get an inquirie even if their zip code is not listed than to have them by-pass my add due to it being required. 

Something else, the Time Period To Buy I think should also not be on there as its a little bit "well duh".  If they are inquiring about an ad on a 3 week old puppy, it would be quite obvious they are looking to get a puppy in about 5 weeks.  If they inquiring about a 9 week old puppy, it would be obvious they are looking to get one now.  The availability date is in the ad already so this field seems rather repetitive and just another barage of questions they have to answer.  Keep the contact form simple, too many questions could drive people away even if the questions aren't really nosey, they are just annoying. 

Time period to buy also does not give them an option of undecided, they must pick one even though they may be open to a very wide range of time frames.  They may just "pick one" while inquiring about a puppy because "undecided" is not an option and create some misunderstandings between buyer and seller. 

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QUOTE 7/6/2009 12:14:10 PM
Hey Winddial! You suggested and we listened-- check out the new thread titled Changes You've Asked For in The Fire Hydrant to see what's up. Thanks for the feedback!!

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